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JROOM is another Room Escape game from HILG, the author of Camel Eye, Favorite, Anonymous, Alloy, Fancy Maze Case 1, U Sensor 2, G Sensor and many more games. Click the yellow button in the bottom left corner of the game window to switch between Japanese and English. Have fun!

Alternative link

JROOM walkthrough (thanks osmodiar!)

By Eric

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15 Comments to HILG – JROOM

  1. hilman says:

    lol, cute enough..
    i thought this game was quite complicated, until i realized that i just needed to find Show

  2. Scout88 says:

    Yeah, that one was kind of anti-climactic. Not much to it.

  3. tjh says:


    • Sandra says:

      I think it´s too late now, but for anybody else who is stuck at this point: Show

      • tjh says:


      • Sandra says:

        Oh, okay…I don´t understand your first sentence ^^ I think I have to practice more English :-D Hope I could help you…

      • WonderWorm says:

        tjh is being sarcastic. “would have occurred to me”=”I would have thought of that”. The meaning of the sentence is basically “I would never have thought of that.” hth [=hope that helps]

  4. aliceboy says:

    Sooo…what was that thing?! Not a bad game at all, though a mild pixel hunt sorta thing going on there. I thought the end was kind of funny, but seriously what was that thing?

  5. Anemic says:

    So I clicked around randomly, and found myself looking at a closeup of the wall of the safe, heard a noise, looked around, and the game congratulated me. I guess I’m done, but I have no idea what I did to deserve congratulations.

  6. WonderWorm says:

    What do I do with Show

    I’ve found the four colors, too, I think.

  7. Fundabolt says:

    OK that had to be the stupidest Rabbit I’ve ever seen it just sprints for a carrot that right behind a mat? And how did it know it was there unless it was watching and if it was it shoulda seen the hole in the ground and me placing my trap
    Oh well pretty good game anyway

  8. osmodiar says:

    Walkthrough from EG24

  9. Scott says:

    u can’t enter 6134 on safe by clicking those number and need hlep as walkthroughs don’ttell me