Shrine (Jinja)

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ShrineShrineShrine is a new Japanese Flash adventure game created by Aztec from japan.

A shrine is originally a “container, usually in precious materials, especially for a relic and often a cult image, and/or a holy or sacred place, often containing the same, dedicated towards a certain deity, saint, or similar religious figure”.

Find items, drag and drop them on the “Check” area to examine them and solve the mystery of Shrine!

Its neat graphics makes Shrine visually appealing. That being said, if this Point’n’Click game looks pretty good, don’t ask me to help, I’m stuck with two orbs and a crowbar, and I have no idea what to do next!

Have fun!

Update: walkthrough in comment #17 (thanks pOlo!)

By Eric

current rating 3.67


77 Comments to Shrine (Jinja)

  1. Amy says:

    i found out those 2 green items go with the dragon statues, but does any one know how to use the roof from the outside?

  2. asholee says:

    For anyone who needs to shoot out the gray box in the temple, you have 2 hold the the gun up to the lit candle, then a little flame will appear next 2 it, then u can shoot out the gray box.

  3. qwerty says:

    oh my gosh!
    i love these kinds of games! : )
    anyone know any other sites where they have these kinds of games too?!!

  4. adele says:

    I had just Show

    and i accidentally clicked one of the stupid ads, and I had to do the whol e thing again…nice walkthrough though, though I only had to use it to get into the secret room, totally forgot about the ceiling

  5. Ian says:

    how do you get the gun?

  6. Risa says:

    Ive only got the two balls,the box,the crowbar and rocks.

  7. Risa says:

    the FULL(!!!) WALKTHROUGH by me and my older brother Dark!!!!

  8. emo_chiq27 says:

    the gun is Show

  9. Aisha says:

    OH MY GOD LIKE I CANT ENTER THE CODE ITSELF……….wat shud i do???????????

  10. Meg says:

    i still can’t get the key…. Show

  11. rew says:

    where is the purple cushion?

  12. rew says:

    how do you block the pipe

  13. Annoyed says:

    the game is really annoying im at the end and….but it wont let me type i the code and iv’e done everything there is to do I followed that walkthrough exactly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. mimi says:

    the end is crazy cuz u click everything and still cant finish but click to the right of the screen password pad comes up also i think u have to put the statue with only one of them up

  15. nuterz says:

    where do u put the code in?

  16. Myrouchka13 says:

    I can’t put the code!!!!!
    How did you get the code?!

  17. Myrouchka13 says:

    To put the code you must activate the levers again to rise the lions and go back to the machine and enter the code then click on the arrow.
    Tha’s all.

  18. maka says:

    This is the worst game ever!!!!!!!!!it’s just stupid and pointless!!u never get any clue on what to do next…i mean, 4 example, if it wasn’t 4 the walkthrough i could have never found that sword in the so called “cave”!and also i would have never known to keep on activating those lions!!it just doesn’t have any logic!!all game long u just have to click blindly and wait to see if anything happens!!!STUPIIIDDD!!and boooorrrriiiingg!!!

  19. TurtlePebbles says:

    Why is someone shooting an effing *missile* at a shrine anyways….

  20. fishgul69 says:

    for some reason I can’t get the gun from the hole, I made the initial hole, but I can’t make it any bigger to get the gun

  21. goldilox says:

    This is not logical. Why would there be star wars type technology in a shinto shrine?.. Any way finished . Only needed a little help . Thanks for the walkthrough.

  22. nkctvn says:

    pOlo, thanks very much for the walkthrough !

  23. Danny says:

    where it says use gun with panel right Show

  24. kushal says:

    can’t put the fuse into the hole

  25. Emz says:

    You r the best polo, i am soooo thankful for that walkthrough you helped me heaps!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Showaty says:

    where do you get the USB? im stuck. please help!

  27. rebelrenegade1 says:

    And after the missle exploded, Everyone at the temple was killed by radiation fallout. Only thing that was left standing was the roaches. lol. Good game! Kinda corny mixing Technology and the old Temples tho.