Color World

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Color World is a physics-based puzzler from Anton Gnibeda. “It’s a mess in Color World, and it’s your job to fix it!” Make the color of each box match the color of the character inside by shooting as few balls from your cannon as possible. The game features 50 levels of various difficulty. Have fun!

By Eric

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161 Comments to Color World

  1. jj46 says:

    12! please

  2. Kendra says:

    Need help on level 20!

    • Ironwolf44 says:

      The answer to your problem is: Shoot the ball into the portal in the brick-like castle (It may take 2-12 shots to get the aim right), and once that’s done, the ball will shoot straight down, eventually hitting any boxes next to it; it takes a couple shots to get them all. That’s the answer to your problem.

  3. michael toye says:

    how do u get past level 6 and get a gold star!

  4. Ironwolf44 says:

    Please, I desperatly need help on level 38, it doesn’t make much sense, I know about 21.5% of the level. I need help, if anyone’s available…