Abroy – New Years Eve Secret

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After Christmas Mystery, here is New Years Eve Secret, the latest Room Escape game from Abroy.”2011 is behind the front door so this game should be a real cherry for all the escape game lovers!” Is this one a really cherry for you guys? Just let me know! Have fun!

New Years Eve Secret walkthrough (thanks White Wolf!)

By Eric

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23 Comments to Abroy – New Years Eve Secret

  1. Anemic says:





  2. Sandra says:

    That was pretty easy.

    Best wishes for 2011 for everyone from Germany! :)

  3. Lorena says:

    I have six puzzle pieces, a rod and scissors…stuck

  4. Lorena says:

    seventh piece now

  5. Lorena says:

    the Show

    doesn´t work for me…help

  6. Tom says:

    Where is 7th piece? I have scissors, SD, and 6 pieces.

  7. bq says:

    can pls someone explain the 4-square puzzle..i’m lost

  8. Lorena says:

    I have to thinkShow

    which one are you missing?

  9. Lorena says:

    the four figures is about the bookshelf figures: Show

  10. Lorena says:

    I’m almost sure the code for the box under the signShow

    doesn’t work for me

  11. bq says:

    thx lorena!

    code box

  12. Lorena says:

    txs bq!
    I’m still working on the lower drawer code, I don’t see any hint :(

  13. Lorena says:

    where to use the scissors?

  14. Lorena says:

    got it…I really suck at anagrams but I finally got it!

  15. Scout88 says:

    Could this game be any more frustrating? I can’t find the hot spot for the cabinet with the 9×9 square code. It does relate to the patterns on the stockings, right? I also assumed the roman numeral code would correspond to the year. And how would you know that the clue on the card is an anagram? I prefer for games to have intuitive puzzle solving.

  16. White Wolf says:


    1. Show

    2. Show

    3. Show

    4. Show

    5. Show

    Hope that gets you out..
    Good Luck!

  17. Andy says:

    Didn’t notice the screw driver part in the window. Thanks White Wolf. After that, it was pretty straight forward.

  18. aliceboy says:

    AbroyGames.com: Games for people who like to click alot.

    • aliceboy says:

      Or, y’know, Abroy.com, whatever works for smarter people than me (but at least I can spell ‘recommend,’ y’smug bastids!). ;P