Isoball 3

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Isoball 3 is the third installment of the isometric puzzle game series from CandyFlame. This new installment contains 75 new levels “to test your skills, as well as 6 sandboxes, 9 trophies, brand new look and several unique pieces to challenge you in many new ways.” Just like its predecessor, Isoball 3 will keep you busy for a while! Have fun!

By Eric

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38 Comments to Isoball 3

  1. D says:

    to be honest, have never tried this game before – but now, by level 5 – I’m addicted!

    click to open Show

    awwww… cute! lol!


  2. AAA says:

    Do you know how at level 17 isoball 3??? I tried many but cant LOL XD Cant u help?

  3. Angel says:

    to AAA:

    Level 17

    Block. miniramp over block. bridge. miniramp over bridge. another bridge. miniramp over bridge, and you reach the starting point.

    ramp at the bottom of the structure and your ball is rolling on the floor.

    arrows to lead it to the hole.

    i’m stuck at level 21. any ideas?

  4. bazofia says:

    I am hooked in the level 21. :_

  5. Nana says:

    Im stuck at 19.. Anyone please help me!:)

  6. batman says:

    what about 23 ? D:

  7. ghjgh says:

    level 10?
    I dont know how to place the objects

  8. greywolf says:

    Level 21 took awhile but I figured it out. Show

  9. greywolf says:

    Nana to do level 19 you Show

  10. gdcs says:

    help me on level 47

  11. helpmeeee says:

    level 10 please help?

    • Vítor says:

      helpmeeee, for the level 10:

      Place two large blocks, one above the other, then put up a small block. Upon this small block, put a small ramp. Then put two large blocks, one on top of another again and on top of a small ramp. Then put two large blocks, one on top of another again and put an arrow on top, pointing to the right. Place a large block on top of him and a big ramp. Place a large block, and place upon it an arrow pointing left. Again, place a large block, but this time on top of it, will have an arrow pointing forward. Then you can put a big ramp.


  12. greywolf says:

    gdcs for level 47Show

  13. Vítor says:

    I need help on level 18. How do you do?

  14. Carlos_Pereda says:

    lvl 23? :S

  15. greywolf says:

    Vitor for level 18


  16. DOOM says:

    ummm lvl 7……

  17. DOOM! says:

    ummm lvl 7…..

  18. REN says:

    any idea for level 32??

  19. bob says:

    what does a green block do?

  20. Hista says:

    What about lvl 23?

  21. gih says:

    lv 54 D: help DDD:

  22. Lala says:

    level 61 help!

    started playing a few hours ago. so addicted to this game!

  23. faez says:

    level 17
    i don’t know how 2 do

  24. Isoballrocks says:

    I need level 22!!

  25. StephiBrooke497 says:

    level 20?? please help!!

  26. sara says:

    help on level 15 PLEASE.

  27. jessica says:

    level 16 :$

  28. hi... says:

    level 19? DX started playing and its addictive.. can’t get past ]:

  29. cassidy says:

    i need help on level 15 does anyone know how to do it?

  30. jimu57 says:

    I am at 44. Just think people. Asking for solutions is no fun.

  31. OLHDRFGHJMK,L. says:


  32. Chloe says:


  33. Kevin says:

    I need help on Isoball 48.