Choko-Chai – Three Little Cats

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Three Little Cats is the latest Room Escape game from Choko-Chai, the author of the Three Cats series and the Concert series. Our three cats will have to deal with the Big Bad Wolf today and escape from three different houses in this remake of the Three little Pigs! Have fun!

Three Little Cats walkthroughs here and there
(thanks Genie and White Wolf!)

By Eric

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39 Comments to Choko-Chai – Three Little Cats

  1. Lorena says:

    wow.. live!

  2. Lorena says:

    got Show

    and opened a hole on the wall….stuck now

  3. Lorena says:

    now stuck in second house….anybody to help?

  4. Em says:

    Have a stone that I whet i the waterbucket, have a panel and a scissor. Now stuck

  5. Em says:

    Tom- click the cat, he will help you dig

  6. Em says:

    Ok, now Im in the second house.

  7. Tom says:

    “Click the cat”? Of all the things…

  8. Sharon says:

    I’m in the second house , got book and figured out code but can not get key to work. Now I’m stuck

  9. Kelli says:

    Stuck in third house, missing 1 tile. Can’t get lighter to work.

  10. Billy Lost My Number says:

    How do you get the lighter? I have all 3 cats looking up…

  11. rosita says:

    what is the code for the ties? its not working for meL(

  12. Kelli says:


  13. Billy Lost My Number says:

    OK I have the code for the Skull box

  14. miacat says:

    game stops loading at 80%…:(

  15. rosita says:


  16. rosita says:

    WHAT is te code to the skeleton box in the 3rd room?

  17. stupidcheeseboy says:

    I am still stuck in the 1st house with a small hole and rusty shears :(

    • stupidcheeseboy says:

      STILL stuck
      Any one out there?

      • White Wolf says:

        You have to find the wet stone to clean the shears… :0)

      • stupidcheeseboy says:

        Aw thanx White wolf but WHERE!!?? I have clicked EVERYWHERE!!

      • White Wolf says:

        O’ya…. now I remember…. in the box next to the door.


  18. White Wolf says:

    LOL… I’m old.. can’t remember… I’ll have to go back an play it again… I’m on the third house right now.. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Maybe with a WT. Unless someone else can pop the answer. :0)

  19. White Wolf says:

    For the skull. You need the atomic weight of each element.

    Just enter them in order of color.

  20. Genie says:

    A bit of a pixel hunt in places but I eventually made it through. A walkthrough:

    Straw house:

    Wooden house:


    Tie solution:


    Brick house:

    Opening the skull & crossbones box:


    Watch the ending.

    • White Wolf says:

      Hey… did your forget to set your clocks back one hour… I wrote the walkthrough first…… LOL

  21. White Wolf says:

    OK.. got out…


    First House…

    1. Show

    2. Show

    Second House…

    1. Show

    2. Show

    3. Show

    Last House…

    1. Show

    2. Show

    3. Show

    4. Show

    5. Show

    6. Show

    Hope that’s all you need to get out!

  22. And Introducing... A Leg says:

    I just get a black screen when I click the link, except the time when I got the game page with a white space where the game should have been.

  23. hilman says:

    lol… they’re always so cute…
    love this game.. \(^o^)/

  24. kleuz says:

    bad end? how to get the good end?

  25. ginin says:

    For good end:

  26. Roxe says:

    i cannot view the shears in order to use the whetstone! please help