Me and My Dinosaur

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Me and My Dinosaur is the first Adventure Platform game developed by Nick Roger, 19.

“A deep and emotionally impacting story and game about a boy and his pet Tyrannosaurus Rex, and their adventure to escape greedy scientists and reach paradise.

Navigate both the boy and the dinosaur to the end of the game and use their abilities to help eachother and overcome many obstacles – like pits, spikes, and savage science-spliced beasts.”

Impressive work for a first game!

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 3.64


11 Comments to Me and My Dinosaur

  1. hilman says:

    engh, does the game end on big green wall…?
    (the one with red pointing arrow)
    but rex is cute anyway.. lol..

  2. Lili_of_the_Valley says:

    Cute game!

  3. lilly says:

    I can’t get past level i don’t know..maybe 18th or 19th…i guess it’s near the end because it gives me a clear view of paradise: i have to leave Rex while i jump on o rock, which is on a piece of wood, jump again, and then come backwards and jump past two dogs and two birds making sure i don’t fall off, and on a blue button… i’m sure my description is one on a kind!! anyway,the game is great but the hero here is the one who’s got a video walkthrough after all!!

    • Adam C. says:

      That’s the last level – the NEXT step is to go back, and get the second blue button, just right of the dinosaur. Do this by landing on the only area without spikes right of it. Then you get to do this stairway climb which is simply evil.

  4. mee says:

    how do i get past lvl 1??

  5. sally says:

    arghhh awesome game, but keeps doing that arrow key spasm :(

  6. Silver says:

    I am totally stuck on Level 16 and cannot figure out what to do to get passed it. Can anyone help please?

  7. Silver says:

    ooops I meant to say level 17 (I think?) It is toward the end where you are all alone without rex and you have to jump across these stone pillars, and come to all these spring boards and you have to jump over the black birds but at the end it is just a wall with no way to get passed, and there is this blue button that seems impossple to try and get to and I always fall and die when I try to juimp to it.

    Any help would be welcome!

    • danilo says:

      to get passed this level you have to fall on the gap before the blue button is and jump in that little passage, than you can jump back through those thin platforms

  8. jhgf says:

    i l o v e this game!!!!!!!!!!!