Echoes Act 1 – Operation Stranglehold

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Echoes is an action strategy game set “in an extensive universe, on a torn Earth almost three-hundred years in the future. The game’s designed to be explored in three different episodes. It joins the famous Real-Time-Strategy genre with many elements from the Third-Person-Shooter genre, all in a side-scrolling environment.” Amazing work! Have fun!

Note: Flash file is over 30MB. Please be patient while the game is loading…

By Eric

current rating 3.42


4 Comments to Echoes Act 1 – Operation Stranglehold

  1. rc says:

    Well I seem to be 20 minutes into the game and the only gameplay so far is hitting the start button after a long boring cutscene. Then it’s just another long boring cutscene. I’ve half a mind to just close it without even seeing what the game is like.

    • rc says:

      Even the tutorial has yet another cutscene, this is boring me to death.

      I could skip them but I can’t quite believe the developers would think that people would want to sit through such boring drivel.

  2. the fallen says:

    a very good point, however the game play {once you get to it} is a huge chunk of the game.

  3. the gardien says:

    I don’t think his point is valid.