Underworld Army – 1: Professor Pain’s Evil Experiment

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Underworld Army is a new Point’n’click adventure series from Pasanna Kumar. In this first episode, you have to find a secret lift and a secret train to get to Professor Pain’s army. Your mission is to deactivate Professor Pain’s robotic army and save the world before it’s too late! Have fun!

Underworld Army 1 walkthrough (thanks Genie!)

By Eric

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10 Comments to Underworld Army – 1: Professor Pain’s Evil Experiment

  1. Monte49 says:


  2. Genie says:

    Seems a reasonable, logical game. Problem is I can’t get past the hanging lamp problem in the dining room. Here’s as far as I’ve got:

    If anyone can share how to solve the dining room lamp, please share and I’ll look in tomorrow – I really need to go to bed now.

  3. bq says:

    dining room lamp:

  4. hilman says:

    great games..!!!
    love it…. but the graphics should be improved, but i believe it won’t bother you, because this kind of game always excites you..
    hope the sequel will come soon..

  5. Genie says:

    Phew what a marathon! Great game and finally out. Here’s a full walkthrough (but not all the puzzles are fully explained):

  6. osmodiar says:

    I’m a little annoyed by the interface: too much explanation. I don’t need a window to pop up and say “New Task: find screwdriver.”

  7. bones says:

    this link explains the dining room puzzle x

  8. casey says:

    i can’t figure out how to get past the picture frame in the dinning room. Can someone enlighten me??