Reincarnation: TBOH

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Reincarnation: TBOH – The Backfire of Hell is the next addition to the Reincarnation series created by C. Gianelloni. “Take a road trip with our demon friend and find if the Reincarny is back to his evil ways!” This one is a mini-game: short but sweet! Have fun!

Reincarnation: TBOH walkthrough (thanks Genie!)

By Eric

current rating 4.45


8 Comments to Reincarnation: TBOH

  1. stass says:

    super to paixnidaki…

  2. Fudge says:

    I love this series! This one was too short and very easy…….

  3. Apanathi says:

    toooooooooooooo short!!!!!!

  4. Genie says:

    Very short indeed. I only saw one medal at the end – did anyone find more?

    A walkthrough:

    End of game/episode with one medal.

  5. Serebix says:

    You get a extra medal if you stand still for a while after you start the game. It’s take a bit but then the demon start to sing “99 bottle beer on the wall”

  6. Lisa Follin says:

    Too short.. to easy..
    still, keep ’em coming!

  7. Pokelover says:

    Where’s the torch?