Heart of Ice

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Heart of Ice is an adventure platformer developed by Eddy Larkin where you have to explore a vast series of caves and ruins!

“Face many foes, from humble cave creatures to mysterious entities haunting the long dead tunnels.

As a brave adventurer, you must navigate your way through forgotten caverns, abandoned mines and long lost ruins to defeat a dangerous being known only as ‘The Watcher’. To reach him, you must first battle a number of deadly enemies
inhabiting his icy kingdom.

Don’t forget to try the many unlockable features, including a boss battle arena where you can face the game’s enemies with increased difficulty for greater rewards, and a yet more mysterious, hidden foe to destroy.”

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 3.03


5 Comments to Heart of Ice

  1. gaileo says:

    first!!! but i cant seem to do anything. :(

  2. BananaBox says:

    I beat the Watcher, ur air tank starts leaking,then IDK WTF Im supposed to do after that…

  3. BananaBox says:

    whoops…while I was posting my last tread some thing happened and I missed it…crap…DX

  4. BananaBox says:

    Ohhh…U unlock a minigame after that.

  5. BananaBox says:

    Yay I beat the game!:D tell me if u need a walk thru!