Leo Himura’s No Exit

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Leo Hhimura's No ExitLeo Hhimura's No ExitFound today at Life 1 Entertainment: “Whether you love them or hate them, ‘Escape the room‘ style games have become a pretty big genre on the internet.

KAZAHANA: No Exit is our little exploration into the world of these types of games, and a good excuse for Steve to get more familiar with Actionscript. Can you find the exit?”

Created by Steven Lim and Max Mao, Leo Himura’s No Exit is a short and very nicely done Room Escape game. I’m already looking forward to the sequel!

Have fun!

Update: walkthrough in comment #10 (thanks sLagko!)

By Eric

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183 Comments to Leo Himura’s No Exit

  1. al says:

    i completed it it took me half an hour to th e start and 10 mins to do the end it wasnt as hard as i felt

  2. al says:

    i hope they acherly do a second 1

  3. Hammmm says:


    I gOt tHE dAtabAsE thiNGy…
    BuT haV nO iDeA wEr ThE scIzZoRz aRE!!

    I NeEd HeLp!!!

  4. Amy says:

    Ok. right now i have .. Towel, soap, Body wash and hose… what do i doo!?

  5. Amy says:

    In the picture (above) it shows that the hose is attached to the faucet.. ive been trying to attach them. but its not working.. any comments?

  6. Amy says:

    I realize no one is here. but i found something out.. since you already have towel, soap && body wash.. if you go to the room with the prices you add those 3 together.. and theres your code for the cupboard.. one that opens grab the scissors and the other thing ( dont know what it’s called) go to the room with the tub, and use the scissors on the crack to make it bigger. take the body wash and click on the crack… it will then go on the floor.. .. and thats aas far as i got.. NEED HELP! someone come on.

  7. butthole says:

    hey i know wat to do

  8. Bella12xoxo says:

    I can’t get the sword under the lit tile. I am clicking on it, but it won’t give me anything HELP!

  9. Akira chan says:

    ok this is what i have so far

  10. Skyla lee ann says:

    where is the room wit da toilet in it

  11. Kaffy says:

    hello have cut toilet thing with sword and the whole room is flooded but nothing else has happened plz help

  12. alyx! says:

    @Skyla lee ann
    the room wit da toilet in it is

  13. Nicolle says:

    hey everytime i touch the hose when its stuck on the side of the bath it just goes back into my inventory

  14. UglyKid says:


    Now you are free! You can play outside with your friends! Haha! :D

  15. iLy says:


  16. me says:


  17. drea44 says:


  18. TBN says:

    The game is awsome. woow, but uglykid helped us with cheats and he distroyed the enthusiasm. But nice word” now we are free and can play games outside with our friends” so you need some one to play with you baby

  19. Davontae says:

    i know it its easy ok

    then your done

  20. kaitie says:

    put the hose in the crack, then put the nob on the the other side the part that’s on the side that’s on inside of the tub

  21. tori says:

    okay every time i click on the hose after its in it just goes back to my inventory!!!

  22. Davontae says:

    tori go to my comment cause it tels you how to beat the whole game and all you even have to do is put the nob that you took of the faucit thingy and put it in the tub im mean conme on its not that hard and im only 11 years old come on people

  23. Davontae says:

    yay im the first 2010 spoiler yay

  24. Gee says:

    Code no work for me D:

    PS: Yes, before you ask, I can speak English.

  25. Wolfie says:


  26. john h says:

    the final is to put the bear in the toilet…it floods the room and you swim up through the ceiling tile….climb a ladder and escape

  27. Nurul Husna says:

    Where did you all got the body wash???

  28. Nurul Husna says:

    The code at the cupboard is Show

  29. kiara says:

    how to pull the tub?

  30. somebody says:

    guys,its spelled “knob”…i couldn’t understand what you were saying before…