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Symon is a Point’n’Click adventure game developed by ZZZ Games that takes place inside the dreams of a paralyzed patient.

“Through exploration of the pensive and sentimental dreamscape, he discovers repressed memories and tries to reconcile his troubled past.

The game requires the player to think differently, stepping out of the normal boundaries of conventional adventure game logic. Symon places a heavy emphasis on dream-logic, focusing memory and synesthesia to form the (il)logical connections required to solve the puzzles.

Each dream world is populated with characters and objects that represent the player character’s broken past. Each time he returns to the dream state, the puzzles are different, so every playthrough is different. While most traditional adventure game puzzles are hard-coded, Symon aims to bring a fresh experience through the introduction of procedurally generated puzzles and game-spaces…”

A must play!

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 3.92


38 Comments to Symon

  1. Fudge says:

    not sure what to do with the Show

    . Also still have Show

  2. Fudge says:

    Gosh – it really is totally different each time you play.

  3. lorem says:

    Can’t really do a walkthrough, per se, but here’s a partial hint list of what sorts of things change items:

    To make things HAPPY Show

    To make things HEARTBROKEN or HEALTHYShow

    To make things RASPY or AWAKE Show

    To make things SPICY or HOT Show

    To make a man eating plant cough up the goods Show

    Items can be combined with each other, or with elements in the dream world.

  4. Luke says:

    Every time you sleep, you get a new mission
    There are 3 missions
    seems that when you complete a mission, a frame will appear on the wall when you wake up.
    When you dream, you have to find 3 things for “you” in the bed.
    You have to pick up the items and exchange the things you need with the characters.
    Some items have specific characteristics such as “raspy” music box,” heartbroken” storybook.
    You can drag and drop them into the “sink”, “paint”, “incubation box”etc to change their characteristics.

  5. Andy says:

    I have all 3 pictures in place. Is that the end or am I missing something?

  6. Smurfette says:

    It was kind of disturbing that I made the kids cheerful and they rewarded me with a bottle of pills…..

  7. Leyla says:

    Need help! I’m stuck on the third one :( I’ve used everything except the spicy chocolates.. I’ve looked everywhere but can’t find anything to feed the plant with..

  8. Leylo says:

    If you’re stuck, just go to the menu screen and wake up. Next time you dream, you’ll get a different set of puzzles.

  9. yabbadabba says:

    i have flowers and chocolates left all i need is the picture from the flower. when i give the flower the red chocolates or red flowers it doesnt work same if its orange HEEEEELP PLEASE

  10. charity says:

    ok i finished the Show

    im on dream two. i have tried several times to start dream two but he wont move….help please?

  11. Genie says:

    Just one question… does the game ever end??

    I’ve completed three dreams and got the three photos on the hospital wall. I can carry on dreaming to complete more. Does Symon ever wake up?

    Interesting game concept and quite easy when you get the hang of it.

    • Leyla says:

      Same here, got all the pictures and also solved an extra puzzle but it seems like it just continues :s

    • Abjuron says:

      I think the point is that in the beginning he says that it’s, “hard to remember a world outside this room,” or something to that effect.

      Then you play through, and you get the photos. He’s still stuck in the room. That will never change, it seems. Now, however, he can look at the photos, and it isn’t so hard to remember that there was happiness, and there was sadness. There were accomplishments, and regrets. There was a life.

      So many people suffer alone in despair in hospitals just like this. Situations where all that can be done is provide a bit of comfort before the end. Too often these days, this is treated as a simple matter of “pain management”. Personally, I would rather have comfort that my life was real and had meaning and love in it (the photos), than be in a drugged haze (the dark dreams) until it was my time.

      Or…I could be completely wrong, and everyone is just missing a secret last level or something.

      • Will says:

        I am positive you are right about being “trapped” in the hospital room…

        Makes me think why nursing homes are in need of visitors…

  12. shamille says:

    cool. hey wait.

    how do I get to the menu? D:

  13. Goldlust says:

    My problem is that I can always solve the first dream, but then the second dream seems unsolvable. I try every combination of actions I can think of, but invariably, I can obtain only 2 out of 3 dream objects. I’m using Google Chrome.

    Anyone else having the same problem?

    • Goldlust says:

      NVM – somehow the last runthrough, I didn’t run into that at all. But like Leyla, I’ve found that the game just keeps going… really nice idea for a game, but is there no closure…?

  14. BoomBoxer says:

    by the way you can look at the credits by clicking the TV

  15. Kitty says:

    I have some problems, the things I pick up are not visible at the screen. Is it a bug?

  16. dying4you says:

    Does this game ever end?

  17. lakotaw24 says:

    i cant find out how to turn the dimond ring deep blue!!!! Show

  18. leki says:



  19. Charlortle says:

    How do i change the ring to Show

  20. Lily says:

    I’m on the first dream and I’ve helped everyone except the kids and I need to give “me” something for the nursery & I need to wake up the kids. I dont know what to do all I have with me is medication and a happy wind up box

  21. Boss says:

    How do you get the 3rd part of the necklace and i’m on the 2nd dream

  22. boib says:

    i am on the first dream and i have turned the ring orange and got the baby grow got the music box to be happy and got the rabbit woke the rabbit and i have i box of chocolates i made them orange but i cant seem to do anything with them please help

  23. Nessy says:

    I havent finished the game..(I did about 2 dreams and I couldnt figure out the 3rd) but can someone explain to me like the main idea? And does the game ever end?! like this is what I think…Show

    I think Symon’s significant other, Rose was pregnant, and something happened to Symon on the way to a date.. Am I right? So he ends up in the hospital… and he’s dreaming? Wtf. I don’t know- Great help if someone replied!

  24. Abby says:

    I’m still confused on the ending, when you collect all 3 pictures, thats the end? Correct? Or are you supposed to keep playing puzzles?

  25. Sublynx says:

    I wish I could find the soundtrack to this game…

  26. Ana says:

    Anyone noticed that there’s always a locked door at the beginning of the dreams? the first one. It never opens, I thought that at the end it was gonna open but aparrently not :/