Electric Box 2

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Electric Box 2 is the sequel to Electric Box, a popular puzzle game developed by Ishtiak Zaman for Candystand.

Your goal is still to connect power from the power supply to the set target.

The sequel features 40 levels plus a level editor and gives access to levels created by other players.

Better than the original!

Have fun!

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By Eric

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21 Comments to Electric Box 2

  1. Flash games monster says:

    I love puzzle games, electric box is the best game of puzzle games. I play it half hour. It’s really funny ;)

  2. Juliuz says:

    It should have a bigger icon

  3. Juliuz says:

    blocked at lvl 28

  4. Andy says:

    Hints for level 28:



  5. Hther says:

    stuck on 26!

  6. Hther says:

    nevermind got it!

  7. Tuppence says:

    stuck on 26 too! Any hint? Thanks!

  8. Tuppence says:

    pass the 26, now stuck at 32. Help!

  9. Sol says:

    Just saw that the ever-gaming Tasselfoot has made video walkthroughs of this one as well:

    Levels 1 – 10

    Levels 11 – 20

    Levels 21 – 30

    Levels 31 – 40

    • Elfi-Bey says:

      Hi people !

      I’m stuck in the level 40. This level doesn’t look like level 40 in 2010.

      Anyone has a solution ?
      Please, i’m going to be crazy.

      Thank you all.

  10. Deser says:

    Same problem!!!!

  11. lindz says:

    level 37 has been updated and the walkthrough no longer works

  12. xboy says:

    How about the last two lvl?

  13. Teymur says:

    Any one knows how the level 32?

  14. 88713791 says:

    How about Lvl 33?

  15. christian says:

    sooo need help on lvl. 46 on electric box 2.