Mystery Mansion 104

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Mystery Mansion 104 is the latest Room Escape game created by Mild Cabin. just like its predecessor in the Mystery Mansion series, 104 comes with 3D animated scenes. For an unknown reason, you find yourself in a room and the exit door is locked… Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 3.21


24 Comments to Mystery Mansion 104

  1. Genie says:

    In she goes…
    Though, as I didn’t get on too well with the last 3D game I tried, I’m hoping others will come along and help.

  2. Fudge says:

    Hi Genie, have 5 sushi pieces but can’t figure out the 2 fish puzzle – any ideas?

  3. Me2 says:

    Anyone else playing? I can’t figure out the puzzle with the two fish and the square, star, circle, triangle elements.

  4. Fudge says:

    the other puzzles were quite easy – what am I not seeing to get my last sushi ?

  5. Me2 says:

    @Fudge, I have the Show

    Where is the fifth one you have?

  6. Genie says:

    Your all further than me… I have Show

    Any clues for opening the Show

    Thankfully navigation seems straightforward.

    • Fudge says:

      For the clock Show

    • Fudge says:

      For the clock Show

  7. Me2 says:

    @Genie, where did you find the salmon roe? For the clock, Show

  8. Genie says:

    Salmon roe in Show

  9. Me2 says:

    @Genie, thanks but those are two others. Where else did you find sushi?

    • Genie says:

      I’ve just started another copy of the game and the salmon roe is definitely in Show

  10. Me2 says:

    @Genie, sorry, didn’t look close enough, you were right

    • Genie says:

      No probs. Thanks re clock, I’d discounted time given there are 8 segments. Should have stuck with the hands clue.

  11. Fudge says:

    for the fish puzzle Show

    Code: Show

  12. Fudge says:

    Out – but shame about the fish puzzle. Was enjoying it until then..

  13. Me2 says:

    @ Fudge, Wow, that seems really random, considering how logical the other puzzles are! But thanks, now I can go on with my day.

  14. Genie says:

    The fish puzzle:

  15. osmodiar says:

    for box under scroll Show


  16. osmodiar says:

    For final sushi puzzleShow