Loose the Moose

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Loose the MooseLoose the MooseLoose the Moose is the latest Room Escape game released by Bart Bonte, the author of the Bonte Room series, Seen on Screen and Fields of Logic.

“You find yourself dropped in a strange room once more, but are you smart enough this time to open the door…”

Watch everywhere closely, play with the Moose antlers, try to figure out how to open the safe, and catch the mouse!

Loose the Moose is not really easy (though certainly not really difficult) to complete. This one should keep you busy for at least 20 minutes, without using a walkthrough…

Have fun!

Update: walkthrough in comment #12 (thanks pOlo!)

By Eric

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39 Comments to Loose the Moose

  1. Alexa Karuda says:

    So far I have found Show

    , and I have managed to Show

    and Show

    , but I have no idea what to do next! Any ideas?

  2. Princess Courtney says:

    First! :D

  3. good job princess courtney, from lazey laces are we….lol

  4. ATM EFD says:

    what do i do when Show

  5. ATM EFD says:

    nevermind i got it

  6. clickclick says:

    I like these games that the hand appears where a clue is …..problem is there aint a dang thing i can get other than the glove hat and lightbulb!

  7. Jeff says:

    What do i do Show

  8. tannisan says:

    how can the rat go up on the lamp? now the lamp is on, the mouse is running left and right on the desk… plz

  9. tannisan says:

    found! nice moose…

  10. tannisan says:

    done! ;-))))))

  11. Mofu says:


  12. pOlo says:









  13. Amy says:

    WooHoo!!! This is the first Room I’ve ever escaped with no help what-so-ever!!!!

  14. BoomBoxer says:

    quite a cute game. beware the mouse screech is shockingly painful if turned on loud. lol

  15. monte says:

    Still cant get by the safe. The picture has yellow in bottom right, so I make the grid only green on bottom right of safe, and nothing…help

  16. monte says:

    got the safe. all colors on the painting need to represented in the safe.

  17. DNOMN8R says:

    How do you open the safe?

  18. art says:

    if you turn on the light in right pattern, safe will automaically open

  19. DNOMN8R says:

    Never mind, I got it.

  20. roger smith says:

    this is how you open the safe:

  21. jonas a says:

    cool game :D

  22. Cov says:

    how do you make the moose open his mouth the hint above doesn’t work

  23. puffa_feesh_:0 says:

    THANK YOU p0lo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  24. Hayley says:

    I can’t get the moose to open his mouth either – I keep trying but no luck so far!

  25. Amy says:

    I cant get the dang moose to open his mouth =[

  26. Amy says:

    Oh Oh, I got it now

    you have to Show

  27. mc morgn says:

    wuts the code?

  28. Steffieee ! says:

    hmm, Anyone has a picture of ho the moose should be ?

    I’m so stuck !

  29. Steffieee ! says:

    Nevermindd ! I got it !

  30. kissa says:

    hmm.. i can’t get the mouse to “fly” away:/

  31. PJ says:

    the safe was a litlle difficult from the walkthrough this is an easy way
    press the first three from the first row
    then the first three from the second row
    then the first four from the third row
    then only press the fourth button on the fourth row
    then only press the last button on the last row
    and that should open it

  32. dancergirl says:

    To Kissa: to get the mouse to fly away put the cable back in the outlet,
    the computer will turn on and the mouse flies away

  33. lydiaaaaaaaaaaaaaa says:

    best one :)

  34. lady says:

    I’m confused

  35. ambii says:

    the moose does nothing after i put the put the horns back

  36. Britt says:

    I’ve done everything except get the mouse to go throught the hole in the wall. He’s running along the desk and the computer is off. The gumball won’t go to the crack either.

  37. Too Blonde says:

    I’ve done everything I can think of regarding the moose antlers!!!! NUFFIN!!!

    H E L P ! ! ! ! !

  38. vix847 says:

    THANK YOU AMY!!! I wuz strugglin 2 but thanks 2 u I got it!
    C ya guys!

  39. andrea says:

    i know how to do the safe green light thing,but how do i do it?!!!!!!!!!! :(