Tetsuo in the Room

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Tetsuo in the Room is an unusual Japanese 3D isometric Room Escape game from Factory 112 where you play a 3D stickman who finds himself locked in his bedroom. Look around closely and you’ll eventually find a way to escape from this room! Have fun!

By Eric

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19 Comments to Tetsuo in the Room

  1. Raika says:

    I have


    I can’t find anything for the Show

    I can Show

  2. Raika says:

    I also was able to Show

    I think that’s where the Show

    is but I need the Show

    before I can do anything. Anyway it’s almost 1:30 here. I’m heading onto bed.

  3. Ray says:

    Green drawer:

  4. Ray says:

    Blue drawer:

  5. Luke says:

    Red drawer:

    Oh…the door code
    I need HELP!!

  6. White Wolf says:

    Door Code



  7. Monte49 says:

    dont forget to put the batteries into the flashlight and look under the bed for the key

  8. Raika says:

    I found this on escape games 24


    It’s the same thing with the remaining codes

  9. Raika says:


  10. chengkh says:

    any one knows Show

  11. me says:

    but how do you enter “0” or “6”?

    • Djé says:

      you have to Show

  12. michey says:

    how long do you have to leave the batteries on the charger before you can use them

  13. Person says:

    How do you get that it’s june the calendar says december

  14. Person says:

    nevermind different version missing day