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Medallions is a new Room Escape game developed by Zomayor, the author of Medallions, H20, Sealed Room and Showroom. For an unknown reason, you find yourself trapped in a room and the exit door is locked. Oh well, you know the drill!  Have fun!

Uncover Escape walkthrough (thanks Monte49!)

By Eric

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8 Comments to Uncover Escape

  1. Monte49 says:

    just starting

  2. Monte49 says:

    really fun game and i got out. i will be writing a walkthroug but it will take w hile…

  3. Monte49 says:


  4. Scout88 says:

    @Monte49: How in the world did you figure all that out? I needed your w-t for most of the game. I just couldn’t make the connections between the clues. As for the position of the knobs on the shelf, I thought for sure they would correspond with the position of the vases/plates on the shelves above the TV, but that wasn’t even right. So thanks for your w-t. I would never have finished without it.

  5. “Then take book from the top left and get yellow tile with screwdriver.”

    How do you use screwdriver on the selected book? Is that what you mean?

  6. aliceboy says:

    OH, I was SO close! I was pretty proud of myself for the progress I’d made through most of the game, but then got stuck on the pyramid (I didn’t figure out the way to get the clue for it…but probably would’ve if I hadn’t given up). So glad the walkthrough was here, but now I’m a little embarrassed for having had to use it.

  7. goldie says:

    Poehee thats was hard,thnx for the W.T. Monte 49 I appreciate it,thnxxxxxx.
    Sorry for my englisch, I come from Holland.