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Icosien is a nice little puzzler by Neamar where you have to click a nail, and then wrap the string around the nails to match the outline. Don’t overlap lines! Icosien features 20 levels of increasing difficulty and will more likely appeal to graph theory fans! Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 3.30


4 Comments to Icosien

  1. Fundabolt says:

    wow really difficult when it gets to the later levels but all in all a good game
    could use some music though

    and FIRST

    • MonkeeSage says:

      “wow really difficult when it gets to the later levels”

      Yeah…couldn’t get past level 19! :( Only one level from the end. But I need to sleep. Fun casual game.

  2. Excellent concept. But wish the controls were a little smoother(despite clicking it still would not connect).

  3. arsenicsauce says:

    it was pretty good!

    then i got to level nine.

    a pox on this game and all its kin.

    (though you guys got to 19! i must really suck)