Secret Seekers – Lost Forest

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Secret Seekers – Lost Forest is the latest Point’n’Click adventure game created by Selfdefiant, the author of Super Sneaky Spy Guy.

“You have been given a map of the lost forest. The village was constructed in the trees to keep hidden.

There is said to be treasure hidden somewhere in the lost forest, you must collect items to help you find the treasure of the lost forest.”

Have fun!

Secret Seekers – Lost Forest video walkthrough!

By Eric

current rating 4.33


16 Comments to Secret Seekers – Lost Forest

  1. miki says:


  2. neocro says:


  3. neocro says:

    I’m looking for the earth-symbol (stone)

  4. Monte49 says:


    dont forget to go back down the tree ladder and use your sling shot to shoot the other jug to get some flints to start a fire. That was the only tricky part..

  5. Scout88 says:

    Nice game, although navigating was a bit rough even with the map feature.

  6. ghost says:

    Out. NICE game. Completely logical :)

  7. lmlluvstjl4eva says:

    How do u get on the game? Its taking forever to load for me! LOL

  8. lmlluvstjl4eva says:

    Nvmd! It was jsut my computer being slow apparently! HA!

  9. goldie says:

    Out, very nice game, thnxxxx.

  10. GamerJoe says:

    Where’s the bucket?

  11. iala says:

    were is the bucket and a walkthrough

  12. a says:

    where is the wind stone??

  13. grandma54 says:

    how do you get the staff out of the stone?

  14. grandma54 says:

    found out. to get the staff you must turn all the handles.