Ragdoll Cannon 3

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After Ragdoll Cannon, Ragdoll Cannon 1.5, Ragdoll Cannon2, Ragdoll Cannon Remake and Ragdoll Cannon Level Pack, here is Ragdoll Cannon 3, the latest installment in the popular  physics-based puzzle series created by Johnny K.

The goal remains unchanged: shoot the ragdoll man from the cannon and make him hit the “Here” button to activate the next level option.

Enjoy 50 new levels and create and share your own levels in this new installment, where physics has been improved and where “you’ll find lots of unusually placed bombs and explosives, which may or may not work to your advantage!”

Expect 15-20 minutes to complete the game.

Have fun!

Ragdoll Cannon 3 video walkthrough!

By Eric

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  1. Tom says:

    Anyone else having problems loading this game? I just get a blank page