Heaven or Hell

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Heaven or Hell is a semi-turn-based strategy game created by DC Creation Studio where you have to battle enemies while collecting keys on your way to Hell. Play alternatively as minions of Heaven or Hell, and improve your team to eventually collect all the keys. Hell campaign is… hard! Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 2.90


8 Comments to Heaven or Hell

  1. David says:

    it is not turn based

  2. BoomBoxer says:

    is it me or does it not work? i clicked trainings and the hint don’t change even after i finished ‘killing’ the targets. blah!

  3. David says:

    you don’t kill the targets

    You attack then teleport then defend then go to the menu to quit

  4. Megan says:

    This game annoyed me. Too much clicking involved.

  5. Mex says:

    Anyone know how to kill the rock monster/golem thingy? lol. I can’t seem to be able to defeat it lol.

  6. Captincordor says:

    i got up to 28 keys of the heaven side but i can’t et anymore, can anyone help
    p.s i’ve done all but 1 achivement

    • j says:

      all u can get is 28 then u get the rest in hell

      • Guest404 says:

        Why is there a 35 key requirement to fight Nord Man as an Angel than? Broken game?

        I got 27 keys on Heaven’s side with all the requirements done.