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By Toge Productions, the creator of Infectonator! World Dominator, here is Necronator, an RTS game where your goal is to conquer the world by killing any human who stands in the way! Think of Infectonator with more tactic, and killing humans instead of zombies. Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 3.62


10 Comments to Necronator

  1. demonata says:

    the gameplay is somehow slower than infection series…..
    this game is accused of better graphics/animations,
    e.g. the slow moving slides in lab screen is useless(though you can keep pressing next to skip faster but when the card you want shows up you cannot skip……)

  2. demonata says:

    and a bug(?) here:
    sometimes you cannot get more troops with enough mana& armysize NOT maxed…..
    I’m using zombies when I ecounter this problem.

  3. demonata says:

    okay sorry I was wrong,
    you cannot get more troops out if the gate is destroyed.
    I thought if the gate is dead the mission is simply failed……

  4. Megan says:

    Infectionator was better than this game. The control scheme here is awkward. Lots of UI bugs. I quit after a while because it got dull.

  5. Alleycat13 says:

    Is it a bug that even if I hang out in the corner and don’t destroy any of the buildings there still arn’t enough villagers to get the massacre achievement?

    • demonata says:

      yes there’s not enough people for you to kill.
      their government must have made some mistake in head-counting…….

    • asd says:

      there are enough people you just have to leave the building standing long enough

      • mik says:

        So what is it you call “long enough”?
        I waited 5 min without someone appearing…

      • molly says:

        i have the same problem. all buildings still standing but no people left to kill…

  6. ddengler says:

    They make up for that because there are people in the buildings. Destroy them and you get the number needed.

    Also if you pause the game, you can click the unit production buttons. Its good if you are trying to get the time award.