Rob Small (Miniclip) interview

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Rob Small InterviewMonths ago, Rob Small, co-founder of Miniclip kindly declined our invitation for an interview. We felt disappointed about it as we wanted to know more about Miniclip and share it with our readers.

Anyway, Rob gave recently an interview to RealBusiness, a website for entrepreneurs and fast-growing businesses, and in an unexpected way, he gave a few very interesting figures.

– “The site boasts 35 million users a month, 100 million visits a month and Small forecasts 55 millions users by the end of the year.

– The site pumps out 100 terabytes a day, half the bandwidth of YouTube. Miniclip now serves the website from two dedicated data centers, in Miami and Madrid, containing hundreds of servers.

– Miniclip made up £12m ($23.5m) turnover in 2006, with a profit margin of 32%.”

Wow, these numbers are very impressive: after conversion, that’s a 30-megabytes a day per visitor!

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