Cursed Treasure – Don’t Touch my Gems

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Cursed Treasure – Don’t Touch my Gems is a Tower Defense game created by IriySoft from Russia where you must defend your gems from being stolen.

To do so, you will have to build towers. Three types of towers are available, each of which can be built on specific tiles.

The game also offers the ability to cast spells, towers upgrades, and features 15 maps of increasing difficulty.

Cursed Treasure – Don’t Touch my Gems looks highly polished and professional.

Fans of Tower Defense games will have a great time with this game!

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 4.40


21 Comments to Cursed Treasure – Don’t Touch my Gems

  1. MiniTaurus says:

    nice game, got me addicted

  2. Rygarb says:

    Is there no way to turn off the music? Grr…

    • Paul says:

      Suppose you can turn off the sound ;)

    • Kurt says:

      on the main menu there is a sound option in the corner, or if you choose menu from a level the top option is sound on/off

  3. jessy says:

    the game is pretty cool. i had fun with it. but for some reason it keeps crashing mozilla

  4. AZ says:

    I can’t solve level 13, anyone can help me?

    • Jules says:

      Yep the 13th is hard ;(


  5. Kurt says:

    I’m trying to figure out what is required to earn the ‘brilliant’ rating on a course, any ideas out there?

    • orian says:

      if nobody touchs the gems you get brilliant if nobody brings back the gems you get excellent if you have gems left you get good and if not you fail

  6. ml3 says:

    in my opinion you only can reach the brilliant rating if no enemy ever touch the gem during the level.

  7. Frozt says:

    Those ghost-like enemies keep waltzing past my defenses without any of my towers firing on them. Other than meteors (I don’t have enough mana to kill all of them) what’s the best way for dealing with them?

    • Shadow says:

      With the exception of the “Champion” version of them, they can be handled by putting towers at the very entrance of the course. They stay masked for 5 seconds after their first hit, if it happens first thing, they will get hit by most of it. Another way is to have them hit by multiple crypts before they can cloak, 6 back to back hits (two crypts) can kill them…Champion version is really getting on my nerves though, cause even all five possible uses of meteor don’t seem to be enough and it’s hard to hit them that much. [Brilliant rating worry only]

  8. Oneiric says:

    @ Frozt > those ninjas cloak (for lack of a better word), after they get hit first… so simply make sure something that fires fast is near the entry point… That way, by the time they get near the gems, they’ll have decloaked and be hittable..

  9. joss says:

    level 13 is too difficult compared to the others…

  10. toto says:

    The last round of level 14 is impossible. The ninja champion can not be kill even with lot of meteor.

    • shru says:

      There’s a combination of luck and strategy in taking out the ninja champions. First you need to max out the undead skill tree’s ice mastery. If you get lucky on a freeze, your towers should damage the champ enough that you can peg him down with your 5 meteors. And on maps like 14 where the closest spots available are hills, make sure you invest in the orc’s height advantage, as well as a bunch of points in the demon tree for that damage bonus and meteor masteries as well. Basically, you need to farm up a crap ton to have the right skill masteries, as well as have a good chunk of luck, but it is quite doable.

  11. Bruteforce says:

    I have beaten all the levels with brilliant ratings. Shru is right in that there is a bit of luck involved, plus using up your skill points to improve the towers as best as you can.

    My personal strategy: At the beginning of every level, in the 40 wave levels, build up the tower defenses starting from the gems location back up to the entrance. That gives those towers time to get experience so you can level them up for the ninjas (Smoke Bomb guys). Watch the up coming waves. When more than 3 ninjas come in a wave, start putting some towers near the entrance(s), as mentioned by some of the others who have commented above.
    Make sure to spend some skill points on improving the meteor spell and get the crypt’s freezing capability. You can fire multiple meteor spells by using the Shift key. You will have to fire off a few of your meteors before the Ninja champion shows up, but try to give the towers closest to the gems (especially the burning towers) a chance to get some experience. You can fire directly into the gems “nest” without damaging the gems and, with luck, nail the ninjas before they touch one of them.

    Good luck!

    • Chris says:

      Omg… I’ve had Brilliant on everything but lvl 14 for like the last ten xp levels… but only Excellent on that one because I just could not click back and forth fast enough to get off 5 meteors… he just BARELY touched a gem every time.

      And then you tell me I can use the shift key to cast multiple times in a row.

      I just beat it on my very next try. That made it so ridiculously easy. Thank you, I can finally quit.

  12. Madub t says:

    how do u stop the boss ninjas from touching my fkin gems on the last waves , thats the only thing from stopping me getting brilliant rating on all maps , plzzz help

  13. Concerned Gamer says:

    It’s not fun to require a random number smile on you in order to get a perfect score. This should be determined by the skill of the player and nothing else. Only allowing a player to get a perfect score if he is lucky enough to have a boss frozen by one of his towers is simply a poor design move on your part. You made such a great game and completely ruined it for anyone who cared to stick around and play all the way through.