King of the Rocks

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King of the Rocks is another fast thinking strategy game similar to games like Civilizations Wars, Bug War, Nano War or Phage Wars.

The object is to destroy all the enemies units in all levels. You will soon discover that acting fast is the key to easily beat most levels.

Mills and Towers must be conquered as soon as possible, as they provide resources for upgrades and balloons that can be quickly sent toward enemy towers.

Nicely done, King of the Rocks is an enjoyable game that all fans of the genre will like.

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 3.89


13 Comments to King of the Rocks

  1. JUliuz says:

    Na pause???

  2. Fattywads says:

    fun until the impossible 3 rock level. not even sure why thats in there…

  3. JUliuz says:

    I’m stuck at the level with 8 tower of power 5 and one of power 1 juste in the middle.

    beginning in this tower with two ennemies.

    It seems the goal is to maintain alive each ennemies so they attack each other but quickly the one you attacked first lose and then the other one is very powerful…


    Anyway the idea of the game is interresting but the gameplay is too poor (no pause, no key shortcut etc)

    • Solanin says:

      attack the nearest tower to your top right, then attack the one to the right of that once red weakens the initial 10 grey. after that use space to select all, eliminate red to the down right and just keep going around till you have the right half… after that use your judgment to clear the board

  4. Mayday says:

    Hi all,

    I’m blocked in the next level of the one described in the previous comment !!!
    How can I beat this ….ing level 10 castle ?

    Thx guys.

  5. Me says:

    Hi guys-
    For the three rock level…Show

  6. Me says:

    Beat it!
    repeatedly tap pause while clicking!!!

  7. Jessy says:

    10-level castle:

    one point i didn’t like: the mills and upgrades are pretty useless for most of the later levels. you do not retain any of them long enough to provide any benefit.

  8. Megan says:

    Hard game. But for some reason rather addicting. The last level (10-level castle in the upper left, three tiny places in the lower right) is insane. Here is how I beat it:


    The other level I got stuck on was the level where there was a 5-level castle on the right-hand side. Here’s how I beat that:


    For those who get stuck:


    One last tip:


    • JerBear says:

      Thanks Megan, for the tip with the very last level (10). It was driving me crazy!! Thanks again!

  9. JUliuz says:

    How to cheat (with cheat engine)

  10. tom says:

    complete :D
    first levels are too easy and make you want to give up :O

  11. theamazinghaasje09 says:

    not to hard.
    thanks for the tips.
    last level i did at my own way.
    just keep tapping space bar and clicking on the level 10 castle while holding ctrl
    almost immediately got the castle
    then wait a bit
    till the castle is full
    meanwhile the opponent will lose most of his balloons because they don’t fit into the houses
    when he is full send 50 to a building and then 25 to another
    when they come there send half to the 3rd and i think you’ve beaten the level then