Screw the Nut

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Screw the Nut is a physics-based puzzle game created by Yevgena Slobodyanyuk and Andriy Stepura where your goal is to roll the nut close enough to the bolt to screw it.

To do so, click on some elements to make them fall or disappear and roll the nut.

Screw the Nut is a nice little puzzler but the difficulty ramps up very slowly and it won’t take long before you complete the 25 levels of the game!

Have fun!

Screw the Nut video walkthrough!

By Eric

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8 Comments to Screw the Nut

  1. Prid says:

    Very fun game, indeed! Beat all 25 Levels without help :)

    Well, I had luck on some of the levels!

  2. lmlluvstjl4eva says:

    hey prid how did u get on the game? I keep getting the game screen but it says loading 10 and doesnt do anythign from there! lol

  3. MeanOueen says:

    how do u complete level 5 on screw the nut
    i am only 11:D

    • Unknown says:

      When you get to level five you see the bolt on a blue bar with circles underneath. and if you look higher you will see a brown box with a black circle on it. To get the bolt to the screw you are going to have to click the brown box where the black circle is. Let the black circle land on the bluebar. Now I want you to go to where the circles are under the blue bar and click on the very right one and thats it the bolt is on the screw. It took me awhile to get it but I did it and I bet you can too.

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