Monkey GO Happy 2

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Monkey GO Happy 2 is the second installment in the Monkey GO Happy series created by Robin Vencel, the author of the Popular Bowja the Ninja series.

Your goal in this family friendly Point’n’Click Puzzle game remains the same: click objects and do other stuffs with your mouse to make the Monkey(s) GO Happy!

If you enjoyed the original, you will love the sequel!

Have fun!

Monkey GO Happy 2 video walkthrough!
Monkey GO Happy 2 walkthrough (thanks Prid!)

By Eric

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20 Comments to Monkey GO Happy 2

  1. Ed says:

    doh. Can’t read the clue for the last stage.

  2. Prid says:

    One of the best games I’ve played in a long time :)

    Two of my favorite Mini-game game makers are Ninjadoodle (Creator of ClickPLAY, NerveJangla, etc.) and Robin Vincel (Creator of this game)!

    They’re both very talented and have really good art skills. Very smooth, easy gameplay, very, VERY creative, and best of all: SO MUCH FUN TO PLAY ^^

  3. Tasselfoot says:

    Interesting note: Ninjadoodle is Tom Vencel and Pencilkids is Robin Vencel. They make similar style games. Any shot they’re related?

    Also, official video walkthrough: Monkey GO Happy in 104 clicks. 102 is the minimum possible, by my count.

  4. Me2 says:

    Okay, I must be a dope today. I’ve cleared every level but the one with the 30 marbles in the cave. I can’t find that darn 30th marble and I’ve retried it several times. Anyone have a hint for a tricky, well hidden marble?

  5. Me2 says:

    NVM, I found a walkthrough with each marble on it and for some reason, my game doesn’t show the very left edge of the screen, which is where one marble is hiding. Oh well, guess I won’t ever get to finish.

  6. Prid says:

    YES! My new High-score is: 101 – you can get a score similar to mine, if you play the game very carefully and do not try to click on unwanted spots which makes you get more clicks than needed. Also, if you have played the game before, try to avoid clicking on the Sink for Roman Numerals because you remember them from previous time you played + do not click on the poster on the Clown call level because you know his number + do not click on the Projector in the Grid mark level + try to avoid replaying the SPACE ATTACKERS game! If you play the game like this, you will definitely appear in the High-score table ;)

    @Me2: Try clicking on F11 on your Keyboard, to hide the Toolbar and the adress bar, and you’ll get a better view. If that doesn’t help, try clicking somewhere outside the Flash game, hold down CTRL, and then use your Mouse Scroller (on the middle of the mouse), and move it backwards to zoom out in the page, and your game will get smaller (this only works on Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome, maybe another browser too) – well, this is only if you have a Mouse with a Scroller. If you want to change back the size, simply hold down CTRL and move Mouse Scroller/Wheel forward! I don’t think this will work, because the creator has put some kind of code that doesn’t let the player resize the flash game, however, you can use your Browser toolbar (Top-Left), and navigate to View and then find an option to zoom IN. That will probably make the Flash game screen bigger, but the game will still remain as it is – now, try to find the corner you couldn’t see ;)

    And TEXT WALKTHROUGH coming soon!

  7. Prid says:


    Please enjoy the Video, as it explains every single detail ;)

  8. Me2 says:

    WOW! Thanks Robin and Prid! It’s so nice of you to help me. Nothing worse than not being able to get the very last little bit of a game. I’ll go finish it up now. Spring tulips to you both!!

  9. Prid says:


    – Level 1 –

    – Level 2 –

    – Level 3 –

    – Level 4 –

    – Level 5 –

    – Level 6 –

    – Level 7 –

    – Level 8 –

    – Level 9 –

    – Level 10 –

    – Level 11 –

    – Level 12 –

    – Level 13 –

    – Level 14 –

    – Level 15 –

    – Final Level –

    Hope this Long Text Walkthrough, which is very detailed, helps you complete the game even though it’s so easy, and very fun! I’ve been working alot and very long with this Text Walkthrough, just to make everyone pass this game, and I hope someone tells me if this Walkthrough is helpful or not :)

  10. Tom says:

    I finished in 101 but see low score is 95.

  11. monkey002????? says:

    What does the answer code mean when you finish the game? It says monkey002?

  12. WHAT? says:

    What does monkey002 mean?

  13. monkey002????? says:

    Please tell me What Does Monkey002 mean?

  14. jaimie says:

    help level 15 PLEASE!!!!