Bad Birds

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Fans of Lemmings-like games will enjoy Bad Birds, the latest game from Sheep Factory. Your goal here is to make your escape by using up to nine different jobs! Bad Birds features 30 built-in levels plus an editor and tons of players levels to choose from! Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 3.44


18 Comments to Bad Birds

  1. Anna says:

    Nice graphics, just too slow!

  2. Fattywads says:

    way too slow

  3. Apanathi says:

    can anybody tell me how to beat lvl 14?? “Bridge run” ??

  4. Megan says:

    Bridge Run was easy: Show

    Spoiler #2: Show

    What I’m stuck on is “Hot Jump”. I’ve completed it successfully _twice_ Show

    but “The Lair” (the next level) refuses to unlock. I think there is a bug in the game. Otherwise, fun game. Nice to see someone porting an old classic to modern hardware and software.

  5. Wilson says:

    Hmmm, yeah the bridges level is very hard

  6. MonaDeath says:

    I can’t walkthrought lvl 18 “the lair”
    can someone help me?

  7. Unowninator says:

    I can’t even play “The Lair.” I beat the previous level, but “The Lair” is still locked. WTF? Why can’t I play the next level?!

  8. errararara says:

    hoow to beat jumpy??

  9. Ghost_Rider says:

    Help on level 29 (fly birds) ? Can’t climb the 2nd wall.

    • mazquinn says:


  10. monicica says:

    how do i pass level jumpy

  11. Jombie Zim says:

    If there were only a keyboard control to restart from a pause… My mousie is just not fast enough for the bridge run.