Chain Tower

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Chain Tower is another nice looking Japanese Room Escape game from Karabina-7, the author of Dragonfly Island Escape.  The Chain Tower is out of order. With the help of your pet, your Tab key and a repair manual, find a way to fix it! Have fun!

Chain Tower video walkthrough!

By Eric

current rating 3.81


7 Comments to Chain Tower

  1. LKBrianz says:

    “Out” easy game

  2. NoviceG says:

    Just starting in.

  3. NoviceG says:

    Out – too easy.

  4. monte says:

    it was easy for the most part, but i did have some trouble finding the yeloow key.

  5. goldie says:

    End, nice little game.

  6. Tom says:

    another easy one – nice start to the week