Gear Tower

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Gear Tower is a puzzle game where the power has been shut off and you must use the “combined power of your cursors to restore it!”

Your goal is to free the gears in each stage. To do so, use your cursors to perform actions and then save them by moving to the bottom right hand corner.

Use these repeated cursor movements to help solve the puzzles.

If you enjoyed games like The Company of Myself, Chronotron, Timebot, Cursor10 or Cursor*10 2nd Session, give Gear Tower a try!

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 2.33


29 Comments to Gear Tower

  1. David says:

    level 4 can’t be done

  2. sousamagic says:

    yes it can. Show

  3. Dudenr1 says:

    You mean that lvl 6 cant be done.. !

    Help anybody?

  4. Fattywads says:

    I cant do level 6 either…. maybe my reflexes are bad but clicking between the last button and the gear in under .2 seconds seems hard…

  5. Fattywads says:

    level 6. Show

  6. Fattywads says:

    you want impossible try level 9. this could have been a cool game but when it breaks its own rules it becomes really lame.

  7. rogerdanny says:

    HELP level 9 can NOT be done its impossible

  8. David says:

    still need help with 4

  9. joep says:

    how about level 8? have to click 3 at a time with 2 cursors

  10. Beltran says:

    Lol.. you are all funny im stuck on lvl 18 u_u and thats really impossible.

  11. doubleyou says:

    its just.. we have to have a quick hand.. T_T
    i’m stuck on lvl 9.. T___T

    • sazzyg says:

      Level 9:





      I need help with level 10 tho’

  12. r3 says:

    level 10 pleeeezz??? Its impossible!

  13. Spideyhulk says:

    That was hard. but i finished it. level 19 is the worst!

  14. hacker says:

    look if u cant do it use cheat engine speed hack!

  15. Marc says:

    Level 10 is easy!




  16. jimmy of awesomness says:

    toooo easy ;) 20lvls done!

  17. Sevi says:

    I need help with 18!!!!

  18. hello says:

    Wow, level 19 was not cool.

  19. PikaPie says:

    Its lv9 thats impossible!

  20. Hikari says:

    anybody knows the name of the music at the beginning of the game?

  21. Disappointed says:

    got to level 8, very steep difficulty curve, having to click 6 different points over the course of two different attempts in the space of 5 seconds isnt my cup of tea.

    I guess if someone had a super sensitive mouse as well as spideysense available for them to use for completing this then fair enough, you might get some enjoyment, but a win will be more through blind luck than any sort of judgement.

    Harsh criticism, but necessary.