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With the arrival of Spring, it’s time to clean and freshen up the site! As some of you may have already noticed, I decided to change the previous layout and adopt a more colorful one (no big changes though). I hope you like it (clear your cache and refresh this page if you don’t see the changes)!

Most of the games pages have now the same look and feel than the rest of the site.

I tested the new layout with all major browsers including IE6. That being said, I’m not very good with CSS and PHP, so if you spot anything wrong, just let me know!



19 Comments to New Layout

  1. Unowninator says:

    Hey Eric, why did I need to retype my e-mail address & username?

    • Eric says:

      I have no idea, I didn’t change anything in the comments code. Let’s see if it happens to other visitors.

  2. Unowninator says:

    Also, I have a complaint. In the past, when I clicked on Have fun!, it would just take me there. Now it opens a new window and I don’t like that. Is there a way around this? Or could you change it back, maybe? Please?

    • Eric says:

      I thought it would be helpful for visitors who want to leave comments to have the game running in a separated window, so that they don’t have to go back and forth between comments and the game’s window. I didn’t have any complaint so far, but if you guys prefer to browse the site within the same window, just let me know!

  3. Prid says:

    WOW! Suddenly, everything looks so smoothly, and very cool! I like the New Layout very much, and it was also about time you changed it :P

    I am pretty comfortable with a new window opening when clicking on HAVE FUN button :)

    One of the reasons I like this site, is because everything is so easy to understand, and when you post a game, you include an Image of the game and full description of it – I like that very much :D

  4. Lisa says:

    Looks great, Eric! Whether the game opens in a new window or not, I don’t mind either way.
    Just one issue I’ve been meaning to bring up – the site hasn’t been working properly in Opera (version 10.10) for a few weeks now. It loads fine, but it looks really odd, like it was in author mode. I’ve tried clearing my cache, everything. Am I the only one with this problem? 8-)

    • Eric says:

      Thanks Lisa! What you are saying with Opera is a bit odd since Opera is a browser I’m using on a very regular basis. I never noticed any issue with it so far.
      I’ve just updated Opera with their new 10.50 version today and both versions of FGN (previous and current) are showing fine. I suspect something is wrong on your side :-/

      • Lisa says:

        Hm, guess I’ll have to do some more tinkering. Even if I can’t get it to work, no worries – it still works fine on Firefox. Thanks for the reply, Eric, and keep up the great work! 8-)

  5. Chris says:

    I saw it today :D I think it looks great :)

  6. george says:

    I don’t like your use of sitemeter. It installs spyware. Specifically I mean those flash cookies from I thought you cared about uses personal privacy?
    heres a link to an article

    Also I know other users are leaving this site because the games do not load or loads slowly. It is due to the use of flash cookies. Others are going to other sites to play the game because it works over there.

    Can’t you just kill site meter? I dont think we need to rate each game. Otherwise it looks too much like that lazylaces site. I would highly recommend getting rid of flash cookies eric.

    • Eric says:

      I don’t want to argue with you, but I’m very concern with privacy and you will be pleased to notice that I have removed sitemeter from the site – still some pages to fix though, it’s not an instant process since, I mentioned it already, I’m not good at coding ;-)

      You must confused, george, sitemeter has nothing to do with ratings, and the comparison with lazylaces – thanks, I appreciate – is pointless. Many people asked for the rating system, and many sites offer this feature to point out the best games available. By the way, I’m planning to add top games lists in the near future.

      Anyway, since sitemeter is gone now, everything’s fine and you can come back safely. Spread the word ;-)

    • joe malley says:

      sitemeter sets flash cookies?

  7. Beconaze says:

    Hey Eric,
    New layout looks great. I like the opening in the new window thing. I quite often play more than 1 game at once so I can go back to the site really easy. Also, great how we can make suggestions and you listen and take them on board. FGN is always my first place I go, and the first place I recommend to anyone.

  8. Beconaze says:

    One note: I’ve been getting heaps of virus detection notices on this site tonight. I have never had a problem before but each time I navigate between pages it picks up a virus. Maybe something that has changed has made this site more suceptible to viruses? Has anyone else had this problem?

    • Eric says:

      I didn’t add anything with the new layout (basically, most of the changes are in the css style file), so I doubt the warnings you get are related to the changes made.

      Your virus detection is more likely related to a false positive with a new ad that is showing on your side.

  9. george says:


    It has to do with flash cookies and the use of site meter. is a form of spyware. Edit:see this link.

    For some reason Eric refuses to remove the spyware flash cookies from this site. He allegedly use to care about user privacy. I guess he no longer cares for the sake of getting a few monitory units at users expense.

    • Eric says:

      george, Beconaze said he never had a problem before, so I doubt it’s related to the presence of a particular cookie which has been around for years!

      Again, be assured that I do really care about your privacy. I appreciate your feed-back as it helps me to make this site better. Thank you!

      • Prid says:

        You’re a calm person, Eric, and I like that! You don’t get mad over something small :D