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Jolls is the next physics puzzler created by A. Kovalishin, the author of the Civiballs series. “The Jolls’ kids have run off. Help collect them by dropping Jolls!” The game features 31 levels of increasing difficulty.  The gameplay is similar to Civiballs, but it’s nicely done and well worth playing. Have fun!

Jolls video walkthrough!

By Eric

current rating 3.90


4 Comments to Jolls

  1. victoria says:

    I’m stuck on 7 cute game

  2. monte says:

    finished it. i think some levels i got a little lucky, but none the less, it was fun and time consuming

  3. xtina says:

    Level 7 walk-through: This level is all about timing!!!

    Drop the 1st red ball on the top edge of the mini ramp (directly above the orange”baby”) The red ball will knock the ball and chain down..

    now drop the orange ball in the exact same place…you have to time it so the red ball gets knocked to the right (where the large ramp is) Once you get the timing right- set the purple ball down on the top ramp- on a flat part of the ledge…if you get it just right…the red ball will fly up the ramp and knock into the purple ball to rescue the remaining babies…

  4. al says:

    how do you do level 10 on earth?