Glass Balls Escape

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Glass Balls Escape is a new Room Escape game created by PVCdzseki, the author of Poor Pantry Escape. For an unknown reason, you find yourself locked in a gray room. Look around closely, search for useful items and eventually find a way to escape from the Glass Balls room! Have fun!

Glass Balls Escape walkthrough (thanks NoviceG!)

By Eric

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25 Comments to Glass Balls Escape

  1. NoviceG says:

    Just about to try this one – any1 there to help me?

  2. NoviceG says:

    Well, this is strange, I have Show

    Unfortunately, all my uses Show

    The Show

    I possibly need to find Show

    In my inventory I still have Show

    Much more yet to do…

    • Vivi68 says:

      on left side of danger box find key for the draw
      use cd on sheet of paper and pen
      put green square in danger box and paper with round shape on the top right of box and get green sphere
      put screwdriver in first whole of white sphere key in the middle and jack on the right
      now have blue yellow and green balls and rubik’s cube and stuck

  3. NoviceG says:

    I now also have Show

    In my inventory Show

    I suspect Show

    Am I really alone here?

  4. NoviceG says:

    Now have my Show

    Just one glass ball to go? Show

  5. Maria says:

    Where did you find the blue glass ball? I have only got the yellow.

    • Vivi68 says:

      in the view of the set of draws click the round table on the bottom right
      get the sheet of paper and go under the table to find the blue ball

  6. Maria says:

    Found the blue one, but still can’t find the green and red ball. Any hints?

  7. NoviceG says:

    Maria – look Show

    Code for the safe – Show

    Namely, Show

    This gives Show

  8. NoviceG says:

    red ball – Show

    I can’t take credit for solving safe clue – I popped into EG24 when I thought I was alone here!

    I still need to solve the order of the colours and the symbols in the game Show

  9. NoviceG says:

    Oops – green ball – Show

    Place Show

    Create Show

    Place Show

    Use Show

    Now Show

    Simply Show

    • Maria says:

      I haven’t found the CD, but everything else so I can’t get any further :(

      • NoviceG says:

        For the CD, Show

        The CD Show

        Walkthrough coming up.

  10. NoviceG says:

    OUT but not sure why. Colour order random guesses? Haven’t seen the logic.

    • Maria says:

      Thank you…. One little thing and you’re totally lost in the game ;) Now I am at the end to try to figure the order of the balls. May it have anything to do with the order of Rubriks Cube or???

  11. Maria says:

    I don’t know if it has anything to do with it but I put the colour of the srewdriver and then the colours on Rubik’s cube in the same order as it shows and it worked :) Thank you for your help.

    • NoviceG says:

      Interesting! I could only make the cube order come up as GRY or RGY and I’d tried blue in first and last positions.

  12. NoviceG says:

    Walkthrough (almost to the end) but gets you out:

    START (door view): Show

    Turn LEFT (landscape/spheres/planets) painting view:
    Note Show

    requires Show

    Turn LEFT (globe puzzle view):

    Turn LEFT:

    Turn LEFT (danger box view):

    Turn LEFT (big cat painting):



    Zoom out.

    4-drawer unit:


    Shelf – Show

    Turn LEFT (4 holes view):
    Come back later.

    In globe puzzle view:



    Sphere opens Show

    In danger box view:





    Go to safe Show

    Enter Show

    Code: Show

    Thanks to EG24 for this.


    Go to wall with 4 holes and enter balls.

    Order of balls – anyone care to add the logic? Show

  13. goldie says:

    Congrats, thnx people.

  14. tmd says:

    got all the coloured ball cant figure out the order…help anyone?????

  15. childofsai says:

    It turns out there was a clue for the colour order:


  16. hurrah says:

    how do i place the cd on the blamk paper?

    • Al says:

      Press “show item” and when paper is shown as a picture in center of monitor clic k first on CD then on large picture of a paper

      PS: Thanks, guys)