Flophone – Top Secret

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Flophone - ClassifiedFlophone – Top Secret is the second installment in the Flophone adventure series created by Selfdefiant, the author of Super Sneaky Spy Guy, where you play the role of a secret agent.

“The organization Black Stone has been developing top secret technologies. Black Stone’s research facility is located in Whitehorse, Canada.

We need you to fly to Whitehorse find a way into the research facility while everyone is gone for the holidays and take 4 photos and retrieve a top secret CD which holds very important information.”

This second mission is going to be more difficult than Classified, the previous one!

Have fun!

Flophone – Top Secret walkthrough (thanks monte!)

By Eric

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20 Comments to Flophone – Top Secret

  1. Scout88 says:

    Enjoyed the first one in the series. Let’s see how this one goes.

  2. monte says:

    starting out. i usually love these games

  3. victoria says:

    ok I will give this one a try

  4. Scout88 says:

    Bit harder than the first, but still pretty straightforward. Got stuck on mixing the colors for the test tube, but finally got the right combo. Nice game.

  5. monte says:

    i am still playing and am stuck. but i do like the game. I got three colored balls and am stuck. already took the four pictures too.

  6. monte says:

    out, creating walkthrough

  7. Scout88 says:

    The 3 balls:Show

  8. ghost says:

    retrieved the secret disk, took 3 photos & stuck…

  9. monte says:



  10. Prid says:

    @monte: Nice walkthrough, needed a bit help!

    I will do a Walkthrough as well, a detailed one for those who still can’t escape this Awesome game. However, that’ll have to wait for tomorrow, it’s too late for me to write a Walkthrough now, and I am tired too!

  11. goldie says:

    I love these games, thnxxxxxxxx.

  12. Saraya says:

    Im stuck I only have 3 pictures and i cant find anything to keep the lever up all I have is a test tube ,a screw diver, a piece of chewing gum ,and a paperclip Im stuck What do I do next?

  13. Saraya says:

    I cant find the last picture I got the lever up but Im stuck I dont know what to do next can I have help please

  14. Prid says:



    About the Detailed Text Walkthrough. Well, I was too lazy today, to write it, so I’ll maybe write one tomorrow :D

  15. Bint says:

    I cant find the power lever!! where is it!!??

  16. violet says:

    where is the 3rd pic?!

  17. unknown says:

    help i cant get the liquid to turn pink what nobs do i turn???