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Sideways is a Puzzle Platformer from David Silver where you have to rotate the screen to progress through many levels of varying difficulty. Sideways is a nice game, but it doesn’t let you save your progress, which is a little bit disappointing! You’ve been forewarned… Have fun!

Sideways video walkthrough (thanks Prid!)

By Eric

current rating 3.12


3 Comments to Sideways

  1. Prince_Porter says:

    It was a decent idea, but it really lacked polish in some areas, and was rather glitchy at times. I lost a level, re-spawned, and then by standing still, went through every level in the game. It’s got potential, hopefully they do a sequel with a bit more effort.

  2. Rev says:

    I got to the last level an then all the buttons stop working. I couldn’t completed the level. Its ok. Some gltches. Not polished but ok to play.

  3. Prid says:

    Video Walkthroughs:

    SPEEDRUN [No Deaths]

    Please tell me how the Videos are (besides the fact that the Quality sucks – I tried to record in high quality, but the recording software froze twice, so I had to change the flash dimensions)