Escapers Final

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Escapers Final is the latest Room Escape game from Odako Design, the author of Escraft, Solitude, #07 ML, Escapers #01, Escapers #02 and many more.

You find yourself trapped in a room in the company of a robot, with no idea how to get out of here!

Another nicely polished escape game from Odako Design; unlike Escraft, this one falls in the “challenging” category!

Have fun!

Escapers Final walkthrough (thanks Emilia!)

By Eric

current rating 4.46


28 Comments to Escapers Final

  1. Sandra says:

    First and out – nice game :)

  2. grrr says:

    where is the clue for the robot?

  3. grrr says:

    working on that puzzle as we speak, figured it may have something to do with the tv.

  4. Lizzy says:

    Where to find the clue for the blue blocks?

  5. spain says:

    any luck with the combos grrr? Still stuck!

  6. Lizzy says:

    What a nice game!

  7. spain says:

    got it cheers grrr

  8. MiniTaurus says:

    nice logical game!

  9. Cerenthius says:

    I was worried about getting a bad ending and getting beaten up by the robot…

  10. Ray-Ray says:

    GG/// 10x

  11. saladdd says:

    nice graphics and games

  12. Emilia says:


    1 view (tv) Show

    2 view (fireplace) Show

    3 view (robot) Show

    4 view (door) Show

    Freplace view Show

    Door view Show

    Tv view Show

    Fireplace view Show

    Tv view Show

    Fireplace view Show

    Door view Show

    Robot view Show

  13. DosManos says:

    Anyone else having problems zooming in on items, double-clicking won’t work for me

  14. renee says:

    what is the code with the triangles and blue and red stuff???????????? i realize how to get it but im not that smart:)

  15. renee says:

    i figured it out the code with the triangles and weather is Show