Cogito Ergo Sum – Multiple of 3 Escape Game

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Multiple of 3 Escape Game is the latest Room Escape game from Cogito Ergo Sum, the author of Balcony Escape,  Snake Escape: Starring Wan, Nyan and Monjiro, A Cold Escape,  Porch Escape and Escape Game from Study Room. Have fun!

By Eric

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25 Comments to Cogito Ergo Sum – Multiple of 3 Escape Game

  1. NoviceG says:

    Anyone playing? Just starting…

    I have Show

  2. NoviceG says:

    OK, now have:

    I still need Show

    Am I alone here?

  3. Em says:

    I´m in the same place as you..

  4. Anna says:

    I am stuck in the same place, have clicked everywhere with no luck.

  5. NoviceG says:

    I’m now in the Show

    looking for Show

    I have Show

  6. NoviceG says:

    Hint: have another look at Show

  7. miacat says:

    absolutely lost in the last room…:(

  8. grrr says:

    do you happen to know where to use the hanger?

  9. grrr says:

    nvm, that was a bit slick, or i’m slow.

  10. monte says:

    i am stuck on the last code. i got paper but i cant make it out. any help out there

  11. monte says:

    i am in the third room and already lit the fires and got paper. cant figure out what to do next. there are still two lock boxes, one is numbers and one is for lower case letters

  12. monte says:

    got into last one, with the word olympic, look at paper and fill in numbers with missing letters. then got key and know have gold medal with oilx six on the back. stuck again

  13. monte says:

    stuck right at the end. cant figure out code on gold medal

  14. monte says:

    walkthrough up to last code:

    room 1

    room 2

    room 3

    hope this helps get you right to the end

    • me says:

      The code for last box is not h8D, but Show

  15. NoviceG says:

    Back in – I had to go out but am now trying to catch up. Have entered 3rd room and have Show

    • monte says:

      let me know if you can figure out the gold medal code

      • NoviceG says:

        I thought at first Show

        However, Show

        Back to the drawing board.

      • monte says:

        i think it is something x six

  16. NoviceG says:

    I have it! Look at the Show

    Medal is Show

    Sum is Show

    Code: Show

  17. NoviceG says:

    out with Happy End

  18. monte says:

    that is it. you are a genius. yummy tuna

  19. cant play it! HELP! please it wont let me play it has a little thing in the corner of the game screen D:

  20. Lisa says:

    @Eric: I’m not sure if you’ll get this, but wanted to let you know neither of the links are working. 8-)