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In ImmorTall, you will take a “poignant walk through the life of an alien caught in the midst of humanity”. Use your mouse or the arrow keys to move. ImmorTall is not real a game per se, and it’s also very short. But it’s really well done and definitely worth a try! Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 4.02


37 Comments to ImmorTall

  1. mathguy says:

    f1rst p0st

  2. Annonymous says:

    4 sum reson i cant move when the game says 2 move. some1 help?

  3. per uthus says:

    how do i use the shield?

  4. BomShagaLagaBomBom says:


  5. Niels says:

    You are the shield

  6. Chiktionary says:

    Is there any possible way of saving the family that the alien befriends?

  7. Bobert says:

    Uh i cant move out of the ditch when you meet that girl thing.

  8. Johnald The Robot says:


    • Shinji117 says:

      So far, I don’t believe it to be a violent game. You are supposed to protect the family, not kill the soldiers. Self-sacrificing, noble alien as opposed to the typical “kill humans for little-no reason alien” of most computer games.

      • Dennis says:

        Yeah. The point of the game is to eventually die. And then learn a few lessons that the game is supposed to teach you.

  9. RAZ says:

    i wanna kill sum soldiers, which button fires the super mega death ray!!!

  10. MaverickDNY says:

    This is a game that can only be described as beautifully frustrating. Every part of you wants to fight back somehow, but the only option the alien gives you is to protect the family it has adopted. Would any of us really give our lives to save an unknown group of people? Never mind a whole different species. That is where the beauty of this game lies. It shows the noble side to existence. The often forgotten side.

  11. Yarner says:

    The second time I played, I lost the farmer. As I moved on, the wife stayed behind, silently staring back where her husband lay dead.
    It broke my heart.
    I got to protect the others in the end.

    Thanks for the game.

  12. Anon Ymous says:

    Can the alien die? I have been walking around and every time it gets hit the camera does this annoying bouncing thing and its only getting worse.

  13. Zen says:

    Here is what i have to say:
    1) really nice game, i love games such as this and “The Company of myself”(here on armorgames too)
    2)Really Sad but creative and unique, also have to remark that the idea of being a sheild is very nice
    3) LOL when on the second time i play it (after doing the right thing and being and shield to let the family live and dying) i did it the selfish way and dodged all the bullets and first the mother and daughter died at wave two and the boy and dad cried a bit, but on wave three the dad died and the boy didnt even looked at him, he just ran past him (the boy lasted two more waves, he was very persistent at holdin to life; it was nice)
    4) The third time I played it (well I guess am somebody who just has NOTHING TO DO on a tuesday afternoon) I discovered that the alien CAN live, just after growing go back to your ship and he will get off the planet
    5)The most i could advance I think was like 10 – 15 waves then I died, could somebody see if you can get somewhere going to the right because at first I tought the map was infinite but once I returned after like 10 waves and went back and the ship and the ladder were still there, so that must mean that the map has an end. Could some pro player comfirm this?

    • Larik says:

      6) There is a time anomaly if, anytime during the game, you type “Immortal”. It folds the space-time-continuum and reverses time to an earlier point in the game. I think there is a bright flash too (while you are typing) but I don’t remember.

      • hamburgerfatso says:

        lol the reason that happens is cos u press ‘r’ in immortal and ‘r’ restarts the game

  14. Teyuya says:

    Zen,I tried that.Now I feel horrible for leaving the girl alone,crying for meeeeh.
    I loved this game.I love the message it has gave it us.War is a game where no one wins.Just loses.
    First,I played it normally.Damn you humans,why can’t you bury me?
    The 2nd time,I let all the family be killed ‘xcept the daughter.I discovered,when you die,she stays with you in the snow.That was sweet :)
    The third time,I let them all die.Haha,thats what you get for not burring me the first time when I let you all live.But I felt very selfish.

  15. crc says:

    i cant go back to the ship. how do you do it?

    • Larik says:

      Take a few bullet hits first, then head back to the ship. You see, the alien needs a reason to leave the planet, and the reason is violence.

  16. AJ says:

    I hate this game! I couldn’t save anyone! The last person was the little girl and I protected her with my body but the soldiers shot her still!!! How is that possible!?!?!?!

  17. autumn says:

    so sad, i was only able 2 save the little girl

  18. turkey says:

    i saved everyone,, but died

  19. renato says:

    nice game!

  20. lol says:

    what are the messages of the game?????

  21. Raenfall says:

    I managed to save all the humans till the end when I died. The men stand in silence for a moment while the daughter and wife cry. The men leave, the wife stays a bit longer before following, and the daughter stays the longest of all before joining her family.

  22. Lyssa says:

    When I first played i thought you were supposed to get uber tall because the name is ImmorTall and I thought it meant I’m more tall.

  23. Benjamin says:

    This game is so sad, it is the first flash game (other than “the company of myself”) that has actually pulled me emotionally. I nearly cried watching the family members get shot and the wife crying over her dead husband. The characters in the game are so well done, and so simple to. But some how you just want nothing more then to save them.

  24. Lucinda Grace says:

    Discovered something.

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  25. Thysios says:

    I love the music in this game!

  26. obviousgameflaw says:

    Why is the family stupid enough to follow me? They end up being more of a problem then a solution. Stupid humans.

  27. alro says:

    amazing game, i love the idea, congratulations for the game

  28. martin says:

    I guess the game might seem senseless… a family starts following a random ET right to a war. But I think it does make sense, a kind of symbolic one. Humans feed and trust a total stranger, then with total faith they follow It, to a war with other humans. It has a lot of Irony, from the view of the alien, humans are at war at themselves, It seemed to me as if the alien was not just getting weaker because of the damage, but also sad. Humans killing themselves, I wonder how that selfless being would visualize that scene.

  29. JimV says:

    i think Lars Von Trier designed this game