The Big Game

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The Big GameThe Big Game is a very short Room Escape game developed in 2005 by Dom Chapman. “The Big Game is about to start on TV. Unfortunately, everything seems to have gone wrong for you! You have to get the TV working again so you can watch the match… or else!” Hum, no need to escape in this one. Have fun!

The Big Game walkthrough in comment #01 (thanks GAL69!)

By Eric

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19 Comments to The Big Game

  1. GAL69 says:

    east one!
    finished it!

    The Big Game Walkthrough:













  2. Katie says:

    that was so damn easy

  3. Jamie says:

    Too easy – and rather pointless if you ask me

  4. Jamie H. (have never written before i guess there is 2 Jamie's) says:

    That was Gayyy why do you need the T.V working to survive???????? Who ever made this up needs to know the values of some people’s minds. Everyone can figure this out! And also to whoever made this up, THERE WAS NO FRICKEN DOOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy crap you need to get the background on escape games before you make one cause it SUCKED and it was POINTLESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  5. Princess says:

    lol can it get any easier……..i was shocked it ended there

  6. bwefmurgha says:

    that was… extremely easy even 4 a game n00b like me..

  7. RebRab! says:


    Hurray!! You’re out… !

  8. A says:

    that was very easy!thx for the walkthro tho:P

  9. DNOMN8R says:

    Easiest. Game. Ever. WAY TOO EASY!!!!

  10. freako says:

    i have the battery but the remote wont work

  11. ben says:

    ow i think the walkthrough first say the game is easy and your out that took me not even a minute without the walkthrough and freako get the second battery and look at a walkthrough

  12. Big c says:

    too easy, the batteries are pointless how dumb

  13. Hatty says:

    annoying but kinda fun a bit wierd though

    (why the batteries completly pointless. ana it does things for you eg; click the keys in the right sort of place and it does if for you also no dragging bugged me is this a spoiler i dont think)


  14. Hatty says:

    Spamming is not permitted on these messsage boards. That is StupidPointlessAnnoyingMessaging.
    (good game very easy though it would be better with a time limit at least)

  15. PJ says:

    to easy and you need both batteries to make the remote work

  16. PJ says:



  17. Kelly says:

    dont even need walkthrought

  18. Escargot of doom says:

    hard to click on certain things

  19. online games says:

    great game play