123Bee – Pumpkin Key Escape

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Pumpkin Key Escape is the latest Room Escape games from 123Bee, the author of Deep Sea Cage Escape, School Bus Escape, Adventure Escape 3, Zoo Escape, Play School Escape, Animal Cage Escape, Rescue and Escape, Wood House Escape and many more. Good Luck!

By Eric

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24 Comments to 123Bee – Pumpkin Key Escape

  1. grrr says:

    stuck..only found a lizard, bulb, and cauldron. has anyone progressed any further?

  2. NoviceG says:

    I have found (& used) Show

    I am left with Show

    grrr: a hint – Show

    (Where did you find the lizard?)

    Does anyone know what to do with Show

  3. grrr says:

    ok, im out…novice Show

    • NoviceG says:

      I suppose I’m missing something – Show

      I’m also still looking for a key to the smaller chest.

  4. jackivee says:

    How do you Show

  5. jackivee says:

    No, the Show

  6. jackivee says:

    Now what do you do with Show

  7. Jupiter says:

    For the cauldron Show

  8. Leyla says:

    Haven’t figured out what to do with Show


  9. dg says:

    Out – with help from everybody’s comments. That’s the second 123Bee game without bugs.

  10. NoviceG says:

    Finally out thanks grrr and jackivee. I’d tried I don’t know how many times to Show

  11. StillLearning says:

    I can’t find the glass bottle…. help???

  12. chengkh says:

    Does anybody know Show

  13. chengkh says:

    stuck again

  14. Sandra says:


    the glass bottle is


    @ chengkh

    The answer to the riddle is


  15. goldie says:

    Done, thnx all.