Porolith Flash

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Porolith FlashPorolith FlashPorolith Flash is the latest action/puzzle game created by Taro Ito of Gamedesign. In this game strongly inspired from Tetris, the object is to join some blocks of the same color to make them disappear from the playfield.

The first main difference with Tetris is that you CAN’T rotate the blocks that fall from the top of the screen; the second main difference is that once in a while, blocks of a new color are introduced in the playfield, making the game more and more difficult.

If you don’t like Tetris, you won’t like Porolith Flash. But if you like Tetris, you will enjoy this game: easy to learn, hard to master, fast-paced, challenging and very addictive, Porolith Flash has all the qualities to make it a very fun and exciting game.

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 3.00


2 Comments to Porolith Flash

  1. Arseniy says:

    That actually a fun game :)

  2. Xevious says:

    It’s super hard. You can’t rotate blocks. You must link together blocks of the same color to eventually clear them. There are some amazing high scores so there must be some kind of strategy. And yet, no one has come forth publicly to provide them (I checked all of the websites and YouTube).