Skywire VIP

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Skywire VIP is the latest game from Nitrome. Is that another installment in the Skywire series? Not at all, it’s a Riddle game!

In this one, your goal is to guess the name of the characters that come out of the cable-car and then type their name.

Some characters are very tiny and it can be tricky to get some of them but others come easy. Use the hint button in the top left corner of the game window in case you get stuck.

Skywire VIP comes with 100 levels: can you beat them all?

Have fun!

Skywire VIP walkthrough (thanks Cobobrob!)

By Eric

current rating 3.76


57 Comments to Skywire VIP

  1. Informantxgirl says:

    I only got the first few.

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    2. Show

    3. Show

    4. Show

    5. Show

    6. Show

    7. Show

    • gihi says:

      I got all the answers (not exactly all)


  2. the queen says:

    grrr stuck at level 47!! who the *%*# is that??

  3. Legasy565 says:

    write up to 47 then

  4. bliebla says:

    47 is Show

  5. Cobobrob says:

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  6. piza34 says:

    LEVEL 10?!

  7. lily says:

    what’s the answer to level 10??

  8. Falcon says:

    What is the answer to level ten?

  9. Frenchboy says:

    The letter “m” is not working when i play, do nobody know why?

  10. Scout88 says:

    What a shame! That could’ve been such a cute, fun little game if the icons were not so microscopic. I mean really, is the point to test your knowledge of characters or your vision? My eyes hurt!

  11. Prid says:

    Finished the whole game on my own in 1 Hour. I knew most of the Characters, but needed to try all the letters on a few of them!

    @Cobobrob: Very nice and long Walkthrough. Nicely Done ;)

  12. bloo says:

    mmmmmmmmm zebras r delicious

  13. Andy says:

    I figured for sure one of them would be Veggie Tales. That can’t be any more obscure than some of these.

  14. Kiera says:

    What is number 47??

  15. Kiera says:

    sorry i meant number 48??

  16. iamninjabob says:

    so i just gotta say i played this game for like 35 or so min. strait and i was just amazed gah that was fun first nitrome game to come out in a while that didnt get old after 3 levels of the same thing

  17. D says:


    • brandizzle says:

      well if you are a retard my sister must be a born fool because she quit out of my game when i was on lvl. 98! :(

  18. shann says:

    sweet i finished and cam in 77th!!! GO ME!!!!!!!!! thx sooo much for the walkthrough it help soooo much!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Victor says:

    The letter “m” is not working when I’m playing.. Help please! =p

    • Cutie says:

      Then you have a problem with your key board!

      • Jago says:

        He has a French keyboard, and so do I! … all letters work except the letter M … SO supid! You have to change you keyboardlayout to US and type ‘?’ to insert the letter M …

    • Niamh says:

      a crumb or something might be stuck under the letter ‘m’.

  20. dudester says:

    Their gromit looks like a yellow hitler with big ears…

  21. Clayton F. says:

    at the end, i saw a guy saying why do we have to be so small!

  22. kimberly says:


  23. Danielle says:

    Thanks for the W.T. Cobobrob, without you, knowing me I never would’ve done it

    Kimberly, technically, completing a game is never “worth it” in terms of benefits in life. But it’s called having fun so why not :)

  24. tom says:

    where did number 48 go?!

  25. Matthew says:

    I finished! At the end if you…

  26. jrno says:

    Lol everyone else was there except Madonna… =( =D

  27. TheMusigirl says:

    I was soooo expecting pokemon. I was waiting for it.

  28. Marc says:

    Level 52…seriously

  29. Niamh says:

    i got stuck on level 10, but this really helped…

  30. Lily says:

    That was fun! Walkthrough was a big help. At the end I let them keep talking till they looped.

    There were some really obscure ones.
    Fun though! At first I was disappointed because it wasn’t a real skywire action game, just a puzzler, but it was fun in the end.

  31. evagelin says:

    dud this game is f****n sweet

  32. hiiiiii says:

    good game thank for help

  33. hiiiiii says:

    i was stuck on level 50 [tutankhamun i spelt it rong i think any thanks again….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!the end is rely funny

  34. andrew says:

    i know it is really funny!!!just beat WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  35. daisyy;) says:

    noooo accidentally quit @ level 97!! what happens at the end??:D

  36. abbiiee says:

    how come when i get to the level of the invisable man nd i type it in it doesnt work?

  37. evagelin says:

    Seriously, R2D2 looks like a hotdog