Jewel Quest Solitaire

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Join Professor Pack on the ultimate jewel-matching adventure across the world’s richest continent!

The dangers of the safari, the history of the Zimbabwe ruins, and the majesty of Victoria Falls await your discovery.

Filled with puzzles of skill and twists while surrounded by gorgeous dynamic backdrops, this game will sweep you away.

Play against others or be matched with a computer opponent.

Embark on a thrilling journey in a story filled with adventure, love, and betrayal that changes with every replay!

  • Fun and addictive.
  • 2 gameplay modes.
  • Unlimited gameplay.
  • Unique combination of Solitaire and match-three play.
  • Unique Multipliers.
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Mac OsNot available

By Eric

current rating 3.50


43 Comments to Jewel Quest Solitaire

  1. George Morgan says:

    Can’t get past the goblet level 1-8. does the game end here or is there some secret to getting past this level? Been on the same level for two months. HELP !!!!!

  2. rene peck says:

    i can,t get past it either :( IT was a fun game until that , i think it is just the end because it makes me NOT ! want to try it anymore !! super BORING !

  3. Morgan Justine says:

    When you get all of the artifacts collected and ready for display, the skull goes in the first position (on the left). When you get the other ones in the right places, you are presented with a combination safe with three digit tumblers. I am still working my way through the possible combinations to find my “reward”

  4. brit says:

    there is no way to beat 1-8 it makes me not even want to play

  5. Groovy says:

    I completed 1-8 (book 2) on the goblet level, so have faith, you can do it too!!! … I am stuck on 3-8. This one is ridiculously hard, and I cannot find a way around it at all. The “buried” cards make it impossible. There are no “stock” cards, only 3 piles, so you have to play the cards exactly right to get it out…. and I just can’t do it! *sigh* If anyone has a clue, please fill me in!!!

    • DF says:

      I am beginning to think that this level is impossible.
      I contacted I-win about it, but merely received a stock note indicating that third parties create the games & that they do not provide this type of support.
      They have no problem with being PAID for these games, though.. lol

  6. kfaye says:

    I’m stuck on 3-8 goblet level book 2 also anyone got any hints i’m really getting fed up with not being able to get pass this level

  7. Chris says:

    I just finished the second book and can’t figure out if there’s anything else? You people are talking about “Goblet” levels… how do I get there? What am I missing? Please help me.

    • eric Johnson says:

      Click on the silver cup on the desk to change to expert level and go through the books again. Good luck. If it will not let you review your games to make sure each level has been beat and not skipped over. Hope this helps.

  8. DF says:

    Like many others, I am stuck on Silver Goblet level 3-8.
    I am beginning to wonder if it is even POSSIBLE to pass this level?!?
    Has anyone made it through this level, ever ?!?

    • eric Johnson says:

      Been at it for awhile now and have come close several times. Your last card is going to have to be a buried card for sure. Try clearing middle cards first as best you can and leave as many single cards on the outside with no cards under them for last. Good luck.

      • Daphne says:

        At last! Some discussion on Jewel Quest Solitaire.
        I’ve been stuck on BOOK 2, level 1-8, for about 3 or 4 weeks.
        Drives me crazy. No advice anywhere on it.
        Until I read your suggestion to leave single cards out.

        Anyone have comment on book 2 level 1-8?

        Otherwise, I love this game.

  9. Shelley says:

    Completed globet level 3-8 finally. Here’s what helped me. There’s only 3 wild cards so I saved my wild cards until the end. I played as many in a row as I could. That way there were few cards left. Make sure you only have matches left then you can close the deal with your wild cards.

  10. Dan says:

    I’m stuck on book 2 5-5. Any suggestions?

  11. oakviewcat says:

    Jewel Quest Solitaire III – how do you get to the goblet levels? 2nd book? I have beaten the main level several times, opened the safe, but there must be more.. Please advise.

  12. Rochelle Barnes says:

    Does anyone have any hits or tricks to doing the books with the silver goblet. It is blowing my life because of the buried cards and not having enough wild cards to play. HELP!

  13. fifidanon says:

    Like many before me, I am now stuck for weeks on Silver Goblet level 3-8. Jeesh! I have been close many times, down to three or four cards even, but it really is the luck of the draw with how the cards first appear. If too many buried cards or wild cards appear too soon, especially when they are on top of many other cards, you’re just screwed.

    I am keeping at it but rapidly losing patience with weeks on the same level!! I guess I could just start hitting “reshuffle” if it becomes clear that the cards are not laying out in my favor. Don’t know what else to do but keep plugging along. Though getting ready to move on to something new, that’s for sure!

  14. tea says:

    ah, ah, I stucked on goblet, book 2, level 7-4. I can see that nobody still got there….I play this for months already, not possible to pass. Anybody can help?

  15. Rina says:

    well I dont understand y I cant get through level 1-8 if someone has gone to 3-8 what am I doing wrong I have got to one card left on the board once but cant even get that close again

  16. fifidanon says:

    Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. And miracles do still exist in the world. I have just completed that @#%*&! Silver Goblet level 3-8 after so many weeks going into months that I truly lost count. It had gotten to the point where I would sit down to play with complete hopelessness and resignation that I would ever beat it. In fact I opened the book tonight thinking, hey, this feels more like a dreaded work assignment than anything even remotely resembling fun . . . I really can’t do this to myself anymore!

    All I can tell other struggling players is that a lot of my buried cards did not surface until later in the game which helped in clearing many other cards, including outside cards, first. I was also lucky enough to have one or two remaining wild cards surface towards the end when desperately needed. I have always played this level with the priority and concentration being on digging out the middle cards first, then working out from the middle to clear the cards burying three, then two, then just one other card, trying to hold off on using the single cards but not being afraid to utilize them when necessary.

    As well, if possible, I try never to play the No A-K Wrap card until the Cancel All Wild Cards surfaces, so that I can quickly resume the A-K wrap when necessary to keep cards moving off the board, occasionally even in the very next move. I additionally try to uncover all the cards as soon as it is feasible so that towards the end all I have on the board are visible cards so that I know exactly what cards I am up against with no hidden surprises.

    And, lastly, and most obviously, it is all in the luck of the draw. Over the last several weeks I had begun to abandon deals that were clearly going south, with the knowledge, from playing the level so often, that a win was not going to happen. I had also begun to play it once and only once at a sitting, usually just once most evenings, because the weeks and weeks of losses made it just too demoralizing to keep playing.

    So tonight I could see that the cards were looking pretty good, going in my favor sequentially, but I never thought for a second it would ultimately lead to a win, and why would I after all this time? I will say at the end I lucked out with a remaining wild card, and managed to strategize three other remaining cards that were in sequential order, leading to a final buried card that naturally ended the final sequence. I also had three buried cards on all three piles at the point that I played the final wild card leading to the final sequence.

    I know this has been a wordy explanation, but for those who have been trapped for months in the Twilight Zone of Silver Level 3-8, hopefully some of these tips will be helpful! Best of luck to all!

    • Nan says:

      Thanks – I have been stuck on 3-8 for over 6 months now. Before 3-8, I would play an hour or more every night. It got too depressing, so I only play it occasionally now. Not a smart move for JQ – I won’t buy any more games until I am done with this one – and that will be a VERY long time at the rate I am going! Congrats on getting past 3-8, though – it’s good to know it can be done!

  17. Minsy says:

    Help. Both my sister and I have been playing jewel quest solitaire for months & we are both stuck on level 8-8 of the book on the right of the golf goblet if that makes sense. When you win that hand it just keeps replying. Has anyone else found this? If its the end of the game it’s very underwhelming!

    • SAM says:

      are you playing at expert silver level? I’m stuck at 7-4 and WOULD LOVE to know how you got to 8 (someone else on the board is also stuck there I see).

      • BIG D says:

        Like one or two others, I am stuck on Silver level 7-4. Once got down to only 1 card left so i think it can be solved with a lot of luck and even more patience. Anyone tell me where I can get some of this patience because mine is running out.

  18. Tam Walker says:

    I am stuck on 7-4 (silver)also. Did anyone ever get past it.

  19. BIG D says:

    Now stuck for 6 months on Silver level 7-4. Several times down to 1 or 2 cards. Are there any cheats or walkthroughs as I just don’t see a way to finish this level.

    • Suedette says:

      I’ve been stuck on the same level BIG D for 4 months or so. Let me know if you find any tips. I dont see a way to finish it either. those stupid buried cards are killing me. Let me know if you find anyway to get around it.
      The best of luck

  20. Shelley says:

    Finally finished the silver level. I’m playing jewel quest solitaire in the gold goblet, expert level. It’s even harder. Hang in there all. What helped me is there seems to be a certain number set for each game, just like the lottery. You have to keep playing and eventually you’ll win.

  21. janne says:

    Was stuck on level 1-8. Seemed like forever! But to my surprise, it is beatable, now on to 3-8.

  22. WIVTUCK says:

    Have completed gold level, both books. I want to start all over again but it won’t go back to the beginning. Each time I open it, the goblet filled with jewels keeps showing up. Have repurchased the game, have purchased it even on CD and installed from CD and it still starts as “finished” with the goblet full of jewels. ANY ONE KNOW HOW TO GET THIS TO START OVER FROM THE BEGINNING?

  23. Marfa says:

    I keep getting a large monkey face on the jewel board which makes an awful loud noise. How do you get rid of this monkey????

  24. joan says:

    I am foiled on Book 4-7 level . How about for over year .. I even have mastered making the jewel fall the best way possible to turn the squares gold and figured out that three brown cards ( monkeys ) will turn into good cards if they are placed three in a row up or down. That large screaming monkey happes to me , too,I just turn the sound off and hope that I drop the gems correctly as the monkey blocks part of the board. I know that Wild Tangent will just say to re-load the game . But I dont know if I want tostart all over at Book l again.
    Even my little grandsons know that I am stuck on a 4-7 level on this game that I play as it has bcome parqt qof my daily ritual to play a few games before retiring to bed or after reading the news online. FRUSTRATING ..especially since it is virtually impossible to win the board with just one win so you must win two hands and conquer at least two boards to make it all gold ! Helppp and good luck to all other playes out there . ( I wish that there was at least a pass or two if one was really stuck on a level . I guess it is possible if players are stuck on Book 7-4 way pastmy 4-7 level )

  25. Idoneah says:

    I have now been playing ‘silver goblet’ level 3-8 for OVER TWO YEARS am I patient or what?! I have tried all the hints listed above but just think this is never going to happen – unfortunately I just hate to be beaten by a card game.

  26. Kieran 47 says:

    I am stuck on full quest 4-7 can quite often get through to the second cad , but then I loose ou. HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP

  27. ann says:

    hi just finished book 2 8-8 now it looks like it is just starting over with book 1 and the story has already done now what

  28. Amy says:

    I’ve also been stuck on silver level 7-4 for weeks and I’m not sure it’s possible to win it.

  29. Lamomba says:

    Well I see I am not alone here with so many others also stuck on 7-4. I’ve even won 3 games in a row and have been unable to cover all the squares gold. Is it possible to win?