Warp Forest

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Warp ForestWarp ForestArseniy Shklyaev has just released Warp Forest, a brand new puzzle/skill game, available on his website Gamebalance. The object of Warp Forest is to collect with your car all of the yellow keys located in each level to activate the exit gate and advance to the next one.

Use the arrow keys to control your car and press “D” key to straighten car’s direction. Shoot at the bunches of trees by pressing “A” key and collect hidden special charges. Use those power-ups wisely by pressing “S” key.

You will also find some keycards to open locked doors. Drive onto keys or power-ups with your car to collect them.

This game is an interesting mix of a puzzle and action game. You will have to be clever to solve most of the 30 levels. You will also have to drive safely to avoid many of your enemies’ projectiles.

Graphics look great in Warp Forest, and a nice feature is that you can save your progress in five different slots, meaning you won’t have to play any level more than once if you want to end the game. You can also turn off music and sounds independently, which can be helpful after a while!

Warp Forest is a new addictive but difficult game designed by Shklyaev. With its 30 different levels, don’t expect to end this one after five minutes!

Have fun!

By Eric

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