4 Differences

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4 Differences is the sequel to 5 Differences and 6 Differences, two very popular games in the Spot-the Difference genre created by Case Hollingsworth.

This third installment features 13 levels “or something like that”, and is as good as its predecessors, if not better (and a bit easier too).

With its wonderful animations and a very nice and relaxing music, 4 Differences is a must play!

Have fun!

Play 5 Differences

Play 6 Differences

4 Differences video walkthrough!

By Eric

current rating 4.53


9 Comments to 4 Differences

  1. Knotaklu says:

    Game keeps freezing up in the pic with the ‘Defiance’ sign

  2. MiniTaurus says:

    beautiful and hard =)

  3. Sol says:

    Beautifully made.
    (When the music is loud, it’s unbearable – those long single notes kind of drill into your ears …)

  4. Penny says:

    Awesome! I knew if you did more, I would be driven to finish it without help, and so it goes! I love this type of game. I’m off to play the other new one, and thank you, so much for all of them.