Escape Series #2: The Closet

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Escape Series 2: the ClosetEscape Series 2 the ClosetEscape Series#2: The Closet is the second Room Escape game created by Shawn Tanner, the brain behind Afro-Ninja.

“In the Afro-Ninja Escape Series, there is no plot, no story and no motive. With each installment, you will wake up in a new location unaware of what has just happened. All you know is that you need to escape your confinement. And do it as fast as possible. Explore the area, pick up items to help, pay attention to clues, solve puzzles!”

If you enjoyed Escape Series #1: The Car, do not miss this one!

Have fun!

Update: Escape the Closet walkthrough in comment #1.

Update: Escape the Closet video walkthrough!

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364 Comments to Escape Series #2: The Closet

  1. Amanda :) says:

    2.12 no walk through :P easy as butt!

  2. kaitlynn says:

    i dont see a tiny keyy help

  3. samantha says:

    I dont see a tiny key either pleez help!

    • lalala says:

      when you look at the old photograph you found at the bottom of the closet, there is a clock in the background. you see tht the hour hand is a little past the 3. when you do tht, a slot comes outta the side of the watch w. a key :) hope this helps !lol

  4. ffd says:

    Thanks that really helped lalala!!!

  5. BELLZ says:

    wait how do u unjam the watch?????

  6. prettyprincessathena says:

    in the box the brown one there is a small keyhole how I will get the key there or where i will find the key i am on the 2nd stage!

  7. evee says:


  8. sav says:

    i got it………….