String Avoider

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String AvoiderString AvoiderString Avoider is a skill game where you slide a string through different mazes. As usual with this kind of games, you control the string with your mouse. What makes the game interesting is the length of your string which will give you some troubles to end most of the 26 levels.

Note that it can be shortened by pairs of scissors found in some levels or by pressing “S” at any time, but you will lose a life with this option. On the downside, there is no password system between levels, meaning you have to start over each time you quit the game.

Perfect for a five to ten minute break. Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 3.00


One Comment to String Avoider

  1. helen says:

    on string avoider2 i cant get past level.. saw by revenge?? i guess…. someone help?