Escape the Tower

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Escape the TowerEscape the TowerEscape the Tower is a Room Escape game created by Kristjan Luts that was released in November 2005 at Gamershood.

“Zombies are taking the planet, again. And you are trapped into a weird tower”. That’s what you can read in the introduction, not to mention that in order to escape the tower, you will have to escape the room by finding and using different items hidden everywhere!

If its graphics are poor by today’s standards, Escape the Tower is a decent Room Escape game, not really difficult and recommended for a 20 minute break.

Have fun!

Update: Escape the Tower walkthrough in comment #2 (thanks Shelby!)

By Eric

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  3. ahmad says:

    click on Show

  4. Salamalakum says:

    i really cant find the bloomin silver key! Looked everywhere even in peoples explenations. i Click on near bed and bookcase but it just goes to a view next to the floor! :S Help Please!!!!!!! Can u do some sort of picture or somthing!? Thanks!

  5. Jack says:

    i cant find the cd can sombody help me

  6. Jack says:

    Where are the 2 batterys i got the 1 out the bin

  7. joe says:

    how the poop do you beat this???!!!???!!!???!!!??!!!???!!!

  8. paige says:

    WTF it wont let me put the cd in

  9. paige says:

    nm i got it

  10. Brooster says:

    Is it a video dip s***