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WereBox is a Physics puzzle game created by Vogd.

“At first glance, they are ordinary balls, there are thousands of them in every city. But they can transform into… BOXES! Other Balls call them WereBoxes.”

Your goal is pretty simple: remove all the red boxes/balls from the screen while keeping all the blue ones safe.

Some boxes are clickable and can be transformed in balls and vice-versa.

WereBox is a very polished and solid puzzler that features 20 levels.

The first 10 levels are very easy, but the next ones are much more challenging! Can you complete all 20 levels?

Have fun!

WereBox video walkthrough!

By Eric

current rating 4.48


3 Comments to WereBox

  1. Tasselfoot says:

    In-game video walkthrough

    I tried to do optimization of least clicks… I know my 14 is non-optimal, and my best on 15 is 10 (I did extra clicks to boxes to make it a bit easier… doing it in 10 takes a ton of tries).

  2. sssone says:

    That last one is really tricky, but finally manager it

  3. tY says:

    This game is fun.